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Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal refused Big Boss, doesn’t want to be caged again


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Aamir Khan’s brother who shared the screen with him in Mela shared a shocking confession about the superstar.

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Mela actor Faisal Khan recently made a revelation about his brother Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan. Faisal who is trying to gain a foothold in the industry opened up on how Aamir Khan locked him in his house. When asked why Faisal refused Big Boss 16, he said he doesn’t wish to put his freedom at stake. Actually he was answering a query of why he rejected Big Boss 16. made a shocking confession in a new interview regarding the superstar. Faisal, who slowly finding his footing in the industry, revealed that he was ‘caged up’ in Aamir’s house and doesn’t want to lose his freedom ever again. Actor turned director Faisal had earlier revealed that he was offered Bigg Boss 16. However, the actor-director had turned down the opportunity to star in the Salman Khan-hosted show.

Faisal and Aamir
Faisal and Aamir

Faisal refused Big Boss, says doesn’t like being caged

Aamir Khan’s open revelation of how his brother superstar Aamir treated him had everyone in shock. He revealed that Aamir not only rated him mentally stable, but also caged him at his house. Furthermore he added that his father’s support actually got him out of the whole mess. Mentioning the ambience of the Big Boss, he revealed that it is full of unnecessary arguments of which he doesn’t wish to be a part of. This is what he had to say.

“In Bigg Boss, everyone is pitted against each other, they fight, argue and then you’re also given tasks. They play with you mentally. I didn’t want to get trapped in that zone. They give you some money but by Allah’s grace I don’t need much money. So, I thought why should I get caged? Who likes being caged? Everyone likes a free life. That’s fun, you know. Qaid hone mein mazaa nahin hai (there’s no fun in being caged). I have been caged once in Aamir’s house. I don’t intend to get caged again. I want to live free and flow like water.”

Faisal spoke of house arrest, unwanted drugs and court case

In the year 2008, Faisal had accused Aamir of putting him under house arrest. Talking to a daily he claimed, he was kidnapped, arrested and drugged. Subsequently he fought a court case against the actor in 2007-2008. In his latest interview, he Faisal revealed that the communication has started.

However, today, he is on cordial terms with his brother, Aamir. In the latest interview, Faisal said he is on talking terms with Aamir.

“We meet and greet each other on occasions. But the thing is that he’s so busy in his life and I am struggling in my busy life.”

Faisal Khan on his relationship with brother Aamir Khan

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