Friday, June 2, 2023

Priyanka Slammed For Overpricing Through Her Brand ‘Sona Home’


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Priyanka Chopra had recently launched her homeware brand in New York.

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Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra came under fire, and this time it was her brand ‘SONA’ that landed her in trouble. With Priyanka slammed for Overpricing there many who wondered if it really made sense. The actress recently launched a homeware brand ‘Sona Home’ in New York City. During the time the actress referred it as a tribute to her country India. Inspired by Rajasthan grandeur, the actress while launching the brand mentioned,” there’s something really beautiful about them,” says Chopra Jonas. “I got married at one, they’re luxurious but also steeped in heritage.”) Lamp Shades are made from recycled saris, and palm trees are painted and embroidered throughout the collection. Actress .. that intends to “transport you to an elegant bygone era with these exceptional pieces curated for the modern home”.

Priyanka's Sona Collection
Priyanka’s Sona Collection

Priyanka Slammed for Overpricing, Netizens call it a Rip-Off

Sona Home Collection is a 45 piece collection of the items of Home Decor and includes Dinnerware, Table Linens, Bar Decor and More. In the excitement of launch she probably did not expect the trouble coming. When the Price list was launched on the website, it shocked the netizens . According to the brand’s website, Rectangular Tablecloth costs approximately Rs 30, 631 and Panna Round Tablecloth is priced at Rs 31, 421. Other products also include products at the high-end, such as a set of four dinner napkins, serving bowl and an oval platter priced at Rs 13,263, Rs 7,736 and Rs 15,631.The prices were enough to upset people, with Priyanka slammed for Overpricing. Considering it a rip-off, the people offered their reaction.

Netizens slam Priyanka for promoting overpriced products using Indian Culture

Priyanka came at the center of storm when the netizens criticized the Bollywood actress for her pricing strategy. Priyanka came under fire due to the exorbitant prices of her products of SONA Homeware brand the actress launched in collaboration with her business partner, Maneesh Goyal. Calling it a rip-off many netizens slammed Priyanka for her Pricing strategy. Here are some of the comments. One of the fans told,” “We have gone from foreigners ripping off people by exoticizing Indian culture and selling things at ludicrous prices to Indians ripping off people by exoticizing Indian culture and selling things at ludicrous prices.”

Priyanka becomes a laughing stock, users question her pricing

One of the user laughing at her pricing strategy asked why a napkin costed more than a Lamp. All in all the users are not happy at the price list and one of them raised questions wondering if it was reasonable. Here is what he had to say.

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