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Akshara Singh’s Tiranga Song: Akshara Singh releases ‘Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga’ song amid independence celebrations, did you hear?


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In times when some are questioning the standing when National Anthem is played, Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh song ‘ Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga’ received great reviews.

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Akshara Singh’s Tiranga Song on the occasion of Indian Independence Day is currently going Viral. She is a popular Bhojpuri actress and is popular among the fans. Not only her acting, but her voice has vowed the audience. Blessed with such a beautiful voice, she releases song on every special occasion. Akshara Singh’s Tiranga Song, titled ‘Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga’ recently released on YouTube. Beautiful Lyrics, the song shows Akshara wearing White Kurti and Pyjami and wearing a Tricolour Dupatta looked immersed in independence day vibes. She herself has sung the song and is a part of it at some places.

Akshara Singh’s Tiranga Song

Popular places and Freedom fighters are highlights of Akshara Singh’s Tiranga Song

Akshara Singh’s Tiranga Song begins with a big ship and continues showing the popular landmarks of the country. There are pictures of Freedom Fighters who have laid their lives for the nation. Their pictures along with the map is also shown alongside. Actress shared the song on YouTube Channel. And needless to say, her voice is melodious. Many users took to social media and appreciated her singing talent. While one user wrote, “Very beautiful song Akshara Singh.” Some Fans have sent kiss emojis. Actress’s popularity skyrocketed following her participation in Bigg Boss OTT .

Contrary to Akshara Singh’s Tiranga Song, Kamal Hassan views seem contradictory

Standing for the National Anthem is engrained in us right from our school days. Whether it was Independence Day or Republic Day, we as students would stand upright with pride. National Anthem during Cricket matches or in a sports International championship the national anthem of winning player’s country is played. As per the Ministry of Home Affairs, there has to be a code of conduct while playing the national Anthem.

While getting up for the national anthem should be the norm, forcing one to do so takes away the very meaning of Independence. Indian National Anthem and Flag are symbols of Independence and I carry them on my sleeves. However making people to follow it forcefully, is just not the right solution. Kamal Hassan reaction on playing national Anthem was blunt. The actor reported that playing national anthem at public places is not a test of his patriotism . In an interview with India today in 2017 the actor insisted not to thrust it on every body and anybody.

Kamaal Hasaan reaction on National Anthem

Akshara Singh’s Tiranga Song received Rave reviews online

In a digital world, Social media is a great and times quite overpowering tool too. Simply Questioning playing national anthem reduced the whole matter to joke. Its great to wear nationalism on ones sleeves but forcing people to stand up else leave is just creating fear. The whole saga just defeats the feeling of independence.

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