Prakash Jha slams Bollywood actors

Prakash Jha slams Bollywood
Prakash Jha slams Bollywood

Says they know nothing about acting

Producer and Director Prakash Jha has given us some of the top Bollywood movies such as Mrityudand, Gangaajal and Rajneeti just to name a few. Recently at the Goa Fest he opened up about the current lot in the industry. Prakash Jha slams Bollywood and say most of the actors don’t know acting. He explained his discontentment with the actors in India. Actor during a candid conversation said he learnt the art through attending workshops.

Prakash Jha says, ‘Bollywood current actors don’t know acting’

Prakash Jha slams Bollywood, feels disgusted working with them here in India

Speaking about Indian actors, Jha stated, “I was disgusted with actors working here in India. He feels that the actors no longer ask questions and that’s why he feels disgusted working with them. Also he mentioned the main difference between Bollywood actors and Hollywood actors . According to him the Hollywood actors attend regular workshops and keep improving their art as compared to their Indian counterparts. He said that he understood acting through workshops. Also one complain he had was they never ask shoot days, shoot timings, locations, action sequences, and more. And that’s the difference between Hollywood actors and Bollywood ones. The actors there attend workshops and keep on practising and improving their art.” He added, “I would quietly go and enrol myself as a student. And that’s how I understood an actor’s language. Also he added that he acted in plays and that’s why he has confidence. I have performed Shakespeare and other plays in classes, which gave me a lot of confidence.

Prakash Jha faced backlash for Ashram

Prakash Jha has always been open for his thoughts and opinions and he often lands in controversy. Jha recently faced backlash from a section for him targeting a religion. It went to an extent that he was roughed up and they even shut down its shooting. However after the successful release of the first and second parts of the web series, Ashram is all set for the third season.

Ashram 3 Teaser released

Aashram 3 trailer released and shows Bobby Deol as Baba who is shown as invincible. Now Esha Gupta has joined too giving it more excitement. Recently Bobby Deol shared a teaser from the third season .The clip sees people chanting, “EK ROOP MAHA SWAROOP.”

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