Friday, June 9, 2023

Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan: Actor refers it as the best film of his career


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Akshay might not be having the time of his life. First the failure of his movie Prithviraj Chauhan and now the trending #BoycottRakshaBandhan. Overwhelming it is but one doesn’t call Akshay a Khiladi for a reason. He not only understands the heart beat of his audience and directs his subject in that direction. In spite of the backlash the movie received for it being a stolen plot of the Kathi Kantha Rao. Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan has delivered to the expectations of the audience. Although the movie has its share of flaws, but the social message is loud and covers the mistakes. With the movie touching on various social flaws, it could seem like any other bollywood movie. However, the director method of story narration and connecting the dots is impeccable, it does make it happen.

Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan Highlights a sister brother bond in a new light

Raksha Bandhan is not like a ‘Bhai Behen’ drama with ‘Rona Dhona’. Rather what is impeccable about the movie is the equilibrium in emotions. For instance there are funny moments and constant banter between brother and sisters. Post Interval one is immersed in emotions and gets teary eyed also. Another highlight of the movie is the movie sequences never fail to overshadow the main subject even while doing comedy. Whether in comic situations or in serious the movie holds on to the grip of the main subject that is dowry. Movie also highlights both money from the groom and gifts from the bride side as dowry. This subject is novel and hardly highlighted in Indian movies. Akshay Kumar Raksha Bandhan delivers on the uniformity of the sequences and the movie delivers on that. Akshay is at his best and showcases his talent highlighting emotions like pain, passion and energy reflect throughout. However his chemistry with Bhumi is missing this time.

Some of Raksha Bandhan Highlights are stereotypes which could turn controversial

Some of the scenes could be uncomfortable for the public. Marriage bureau is called Saubhayashali has dialogues Beti aapki, chinta hamari, calls Saraswati ‘Chota Shakeel’ and says ‘isko Sunny Deol se Sunny Leone banana hai’. In a movie involving a brother-sister bond it could be seen as derogatory. Overall the movie shows sisters in a commanding position and dialogues like ‘Big is beautiful’ or ‘Black is back’ shows the changing norms of the society.h

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