Total lunar eclipse 2022:Blood Moon phenomenon dazzles the sky gazers

Total Lunar Eclipse 2022
Total Lunar Eclipse 2022

Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 2022: Know the Date and Time

The year’s first total lunar eclipse falls on May 15-16. Since the moon shall be deep and rusty red, it is also referred to as the blood moon. Subsequently the lunar eclipse is called the Blood Moon Lunar eclipse.

Date and Time

Total Lunar Eclipse shall begin at 10.27 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, which will be 7:57 am on Monday in India. On the night of the eclipse the Moon will appear 12 times larger than when its at the farthest from the Earth in its orbit. However in the UK, the individual can watch the lunar eclipse 2022. People in other parts of the world can see at different times. The whole Total Lunar eclipse 2022 lasts about 5 hours 20 minutes.

PlaceTime at which Blood Moon can we seen
UKIf weather is clear all time
South AfricaStarts on May 15
EuropeLate evening on 16th
AfricaLate evening on 16th

Total Lunar eclipse 2022:Places from where you can see Total Lunar Eclipse

People in Southern Hemisphere can see Blood Moon Total Lunar eclipse. Thus people from South America, Europe and Middle East nations will see a part of the moon. Also you can see in total phase from some places in the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, Africa and the East Pacific. However, the eclipse is not visible from India. People in Ankara, Cairo, Honolulu, Budapest and Athens.

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