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Anupam’s Dig At Actors Akshay and Amir, calls himself and Kartik Aaryan as ‘Two Superstars of 2022’


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Kashmir Files lead actor Anupam Kher shared post on social media. In the post he talked about how he considered himself and Kartik Aaryan as the two Superstars Of 2022.

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Covid 19 has influenced the Bollywood industry and the year 2022 has been extremely tough. Just a handful of movies have made a mark on the Box Office. Only two movies, The Kashmir Files and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 ruled supreme with the critics and audience both. Both the movies collected in the range of approximately 200 crores at the domestic box office. Going by the trend, Anupam Kher took a dig at two superstars of Bollywood Amir and Akshay. Hitting at both the actors and calling himself and Kartik Aryan as Superstars of 2022, he made them a laughing stock.

Anupam Kher rated himself and Kartik as Superstars of 2022

Varnika took to social media and named himself and Kartik as the two superstars of the year. The reason is obvious that in the year 2022, only Kashmir Files and Bhool Bhulayiaa 2 have become blockbusters. Actor shared a long note in which he mentioned that the actor becomes a superstar on the basis of how much his movie make Anupam took to social media to name himself and Kartik as the two ‘SUPERSTARS’ of the year.

The veteran actor shared an elongated note in which he talked about how an actor is considered a superstar on the basis of how much money he makes at the ticket windows. Mentioning the definition of Superstars, he said,” SUPERSTARS: Since the criteria of calling an actor (however good he/she is) a #SuperStar depends on the money their movies make, I am sharing with you all a pic of two SUPERSTARS. At least this year for me! My film #KashmirFiles made 350crores worldwide and @kartikaaryan’s #BhoolBhulaiyaa2 earned close to 250 crores.”

Anupam Kher and Kartik Aaryan
Anupam Kher and Kartik Aaryan

Audience Evolving and more accepting of Different Content

Actor believes that the audience preferences has changed which has led to the success of the movies like #KashmirFiles and #bhoolbhulaiyaa2. Heaping praises on the young actor, he said that he had made in the Bollywood on his own. “It was such a pleasure to meet #Kartik recently! He is going to be here for a long long time. Both, as an actor and a superstar. मैं तो लगभग पिछले 40 से दौड़ रहा हूँ।और भी बहुत साल अभी दौड़ना है और कार्तिक जैसे नौजवानों के साथ कम्पीट करना है! जय हो!! (I have been running for almost 40 years now. I still have many more years to run and compete with youngsters like Karthik! Jai Ho!!),” concluded the Kaagaz 2 actor.

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