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Your lips are tender and they need care to remain luscious and kissable forever


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Lips to remain luscious and kissable, we need to put an extra care. Colouring the pout is the most important element of makeup yet many women do not get it right. A clean and precise lipstick application is important to ace any lip makeup look. Not know the right way to apply lipstick and one of the most common makeup questions often asked is “How to apply lipstick?”

Red Lip - Lip care tips for kissable forever
Set the tone right lip tone

Here are some pro tips that will make you ace the fine art of applying lipsticks –

  • Set the tone right

Try, try and try again till you get the right tone. That is essential to get those seductive, kissable lips

  • Keep them nourished

It needs attention, they need your care. Treat the sensitive skin with some intensive lip care. Transform pale and rough lips into supple, smooth, and kissable soft one.

Start with a lip peeling product. Apply the peel and just beyond your lip contour, gently massaging it in with your finger tips. Peels help to remove dead skin cells, leaving your lips looking flawlessly supple.

Carefully remove the peeling grains with a tissue. This lip care leaves your lips feeling incredibly supple and kissable. You can also treat to a nourishing lip balm for extra softness for better results.

  • Add a perfect touch

Lip liner is the key to getting long-lasting lip makeup. Line the contours of with a lip liner. Start by defining the middle of your upper lip, then draw a short line across the middle of your lower lip contour. Complete the contour, starting at the corners of your mouth. You are laying the perfect foundation. Voila!

  • Apply lipstick

Lipstick is an absolute must-have for perfect lips! Apply lipstick to your brush and fill in your lips, staying within your lip liner contour. Ensure optimal coverage, has good color intensity, a silky consistency, and is long lasting.

You are ready to kiss and be kissed!

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