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Bhagyashree Fitness goal for 2022: ‘back to harness’


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Bhagyashree is ‘back to harness’ to execute her fitness goal

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Like Katrina Kaif, Shilpa Shetty and else B-town celebrities who are exercising at home throughout the lockdown. Maine Pyar Kiya actor Bhagyashree has also get hold of to her fitness goal for 2022

The fitness addicted regularly posts videos on Instagram of exercises you can do at home. In one such video she freshly posted, the actor appears some exercises to build up the legs and core.

Trust in slaying it at the gym

Bhagyashree trust in slaying it at the gym. The actor, who keeps sharing fragment of her personal life on her Instagram profile – be it in the form of her travel pictures or glance of her time with family, also ever once in a while shares lump of motivation for us to punch the gym and live in shipshape. Bhagyashree, who is a certified nutritionist, loves all stuff related to fitness. From sharimg make the most of consuming certain seasonal fruits to giving us glance of her gym routine, Bhagyashree make sure to share fitness inspo for her fans on social media.

Bhagyashri fitness goal 2022
Bhagyashri fitness goal 2022

Bhagyashree close out her week with intense upper body workout

Friday is all about energizing it up at the gym for the actor. Bhagyashree shared a video of herself execute on her upper body workout and it is motivating us to have a similar at the gym. Bhagyashree loop off her week with intense upper body workout. In the video, the actor can be seen holding two gym cords and straining them with her biceps to the front. Attired in a black tee shirt and a combination of blue gym trousers. Bhagyashree can be seen absorbed in her routine.

Bhagyashree shared her fitness goal for 2022

With the video, Bhagyashree also shared her fitness goal for 2022 – it is to work on her upper body. She composed that for a long time, she has disregards her back, shoulders and arms, and at the moment is the time to work on them.

“My fitness goal this year is to have a well built upper body. Anything that I have always been either too afraid, too lazy to follow, and trust me, I have endure. My back, shoulder and arms have thrown tantrums like a abandon child. I have perceived that I cannot give up on certain body parts just because they are weak, I have to build the liveliness to enable them to function well, so here goes,”

Bhagyashree wrote.

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