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Deepika’s Letter From Papa Made Everyone Emotional At the Filmfares


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Deepika left everyone teary-eyed as she read a letter dedicated to her father after she received the Best Actress award for Piku.

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Fathers Day, is a day dedicated to the person who is an integral part of our lives. He remains in the background, but takes on the responsibility of nurturing the family with full devotion. There are many movies dedicated to a mother and son, the number of successful father-child stories is quite less. The very fact that the father is shown as a serious character often in conflict with his children’s interests. On the other hand, a mother’s character is depicted in a positive light .Lately there have been movies like Dangal, Hey Baby and Kuch Kuch Hota hai that showed a Father-Child bond with great box office success . On Father’s Day today, we share with you a beautiful and emotional tribute of a daughter to the tireless spirit of her father she fondly calls ‘PAPA’. During the Filmfare awards of 2016, Deepika’s Letter from Papa left everyone emotional.

Deepika’s emotional letter for father Prakash Padukone

Dedicating the Filmfare award to her dad, Deepika Letter from Papa was tear-jerking

Six years back came a moment during the Filmfare awards that left the entire house emotional. One could sense the height of emotions when the cameras captured almost the whole house in tears. Well, the moment was none other than Deepika’s Letter for Papa which she read while receiving her best actress trophy on January 15, 2016. The actress received the award for her movie ‘PIKU’, dedicated to a relationship between a father and daughter. Since the award was for a movie representing a Father-daughter bond, she chose to dedicate it to her father. And what a way she did. Here is a clip of a beautiful scene from PIKU with Amitabh Bachchan essaying the role of Deepika’s father.

Deepika and Prakash
Deepika and Prakash

Deepika’s loving gratitude for her father moved everyone

Dedicating her award to her father, badminton player Prakash Padukone, she read out a letter that he wrote her. She read the letter which displays a parent’s fears when his child embarks on an unknown journey. Fighting tears she read the letter where Prakash encourages her daughter to persevere and always chase passion as nothing else mattered. The letter even talks about the time when the ace badminton player won the All-England Championship for Badminton. He egged his daughters to make the country proud for that comes above all materialistic things. After receiving the best actress award, Deepika chose to read a letter from her father that expresses parent anxiety when the child enters unknown territory.

Prakash wins All England Championship
Prakash wins All England Championship

Loaded with words of advice, Deepika’s Letter from Papa encouraged her to stay grounded while enjoying success

As Deepika continued reading the letter pausing to hold back her tears. The actress talked about the lessons that her father gave her and her sister Anisha. One of the important lessons that the letter had was to stay grounded despite success. He added that glamour and fame will fade away but the value system always stayed. The letter talked about staying humble and valuing relationships over materialistic things. The very words ‘ Never Forget that you are our daughter first and a star later made every eye wet. ” If you succeeded it would have made us proud but even if you didn’t you would not have any regrets that you didn’t try,” she read. She ended her speech with a promise to all the parents on behalf of our children, fetching her roaring applause from the crowd and a standing ovation from her co-star and now husband Ranveer Singh.

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