KGF Female Centric Version Is Director’s Next Project

KGF2 drives theatres overcrowded
KGF2 drives theatres overcrowded

Predictions point towards a KGF female centric version

There is no doubt that Prashanth Neel ‘KGF franchise’ has achieved PAN India success in the two part movie. Both movies are roaring successes so far. Having basked in the glory of the success of the movies, the director Prashanth Neel is all set to work on KGF Female Centric Version. There were many who pointed at a strong female character that has the ability to steer the movie forward.

KGF2 drives theatres overcrowded
KGF2 drives theatres overcrowded

KGF’s Director is expected to be Female lead

In order to understand the director’s vision, let us roll back to the KGF Francise version 2. In the movie KGF 2, first girl child is born in Kollar Gold Fields. Rocky Bhai names her after his mother. Archana Jois plays the character of Yash’s mother. The girl grows under the watchful eyes of the guardian after the death of Rocky Bhai. As the girl grows old, the story needs to take the female perspective as well. Whether and When they release the movie is uncertain.

KGF’s Director movies. KGF movies so far are a super hit

Currently Neel is working on Prabhas led movie ‘Salaar’ after which he directs Jr NTR in his movie ‘NTR 31’. It is only after finishing the two the director shall consider directing another one.

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