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Summer coolers that will refresh you throughout harsh summers


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Summers are here and everyone is now looking for options to quench their thirst. A glass of cold water will always remain the best option but we can make it sexier with a little bit of mixing and shaking.

Cooler drinks like shakes and smoothies are evergreen drinks that will keep you hydrated and nutritious during the harsh summer season.

Let’s try and be as imaginative and creative as possible.

Here are a few nourishing drinks:

Acai berry shake

Start your day with an acai berry shake to keep you cool during summer. It is easy and quick to make. Here is the recipe – cut 2 frozen fruits or berries and take two tablespoons of acai powder and mix with 1 glass full of toned milk. The berries work the best to keep you refreshed and energetic during summers. The goodness of fresh fruit will keep you healthy.

Blackberry shake

The blackberry shake is high in fibre which helps you reduce cholesterol, increase haemoglobin, and is a great source of vitamin K which is helpful in bone fractures. It also controls heavy menstrual bleedings. Just take one cup of blueberries tossed raw in a high heated pan and pour one glass of water into it and grind them into the grinder. Also, you can add pomegranate juice to get the new flavour. The shake will manage blood sugar and also makes your body feel fuller for longer hours.

Blackberry shake

Raspberry and blackberry shake

The combination of duo raspberry and blackberry shake is an ideal shake for the summer seasons. Raspberry has higher fibres and also contains richer vitamin C. Many people who are on the Keto diet prefer drinking raspberry and blackberry shake that makes them fit and healthy. Both the fruits have anti-inflammatory benefits which reduce the level of cancer in our body.

Take a few raspberries and blackberries, add any healthy milk like soya milk or almond milk and then grind them all. Drink and relish the dietary vegan creamy milkshake.

Fusion of watermelon and guava smoothie

Try some new drinks to keep your summer cool. Hydrate your inner body cells with watermelon and guavas shakes. Regular intake of watermelon shakes will result in higher and longer plasma levels and are also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Just blend some watermelon into the blender and mix with some pieces of guavas, also garnish with a punch of nuts. Avoid using milk because it will cause skin problems. Now drink and serve.

Mix fruit smoothie 

The evergreen favourite drink is mixed fruit smoothie  – a drink that everyone loves to sip. They are rich in vitamins and fibres which will make your entire day revitalize. Take all the seasonal fruits and add curd. Blend all of that in a blender and add almonds and chia seeds. You can also add stevia drops. Mix well all the ingredients.

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