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Actress Lopamudra Raut Slammed Netizens For Accusing Sushmita Sen


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Actress Lopamudra Raut slammed netizens for pointing fingers at Sushmita Sen.Former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress came under storm after her pictures went viral with former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi. Additionally the actress added that no one had the authority to decide on anyone’s behalf who they want to be with. Actress Lopamudra had been Sushmita’s admirer ever since her days when she was making a beginning in the industry.Many called Sushmita a gold digger for associating with a rich person even with a fugitive record.Considering that she has made many career shine, Lopamudra felt that she deserved far more respect.

Netizens criticize Sushmita for being in relationship with someone with a large age difference

After Sushmita posted her pictures with Lalit Modi, people criticized her for being a gold digger. Moreover with a dubious past that Lalit Modi has people raised questions on her moral values and standards. Not only did Sushmita receive a lot of flak on the social media, but she got trolled online . Association of Lopamudra with the beauty queen goes back to the times while she was representing India in a pageant .

The actress sought her guidance during that time and feels that she deserves respect. Additionally she felt that if she loved someone, no one should have the right to comment. She also compared relationship of Sushmita and Modi with any other Bollywood Couples in love. “If she loves someone and is with somebody for love, no one has the right to comment on her relationship. If we are celebrating (actors) Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor or Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, we should celebrate Sushmita and Lalit, too. Right now, it is unfair,” she added.

Lopamudra Raut slammed netizens for putting down the actress, says she is a woman of substance

Lopamudra came in full support of Sushmita and felt that she has been an inspiration for many and powerful in her own way. ‘Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya’ actress doesn’t need a man to define herself. She was surprised that even women were doing so. Passing a tribute to her achievements Lopamudra added that Sushmita was a genuine person. And with respect to Sushmita being with Modi was concerned, she only had one thing to say in Sushmita’s support,“People are calling the man as powerful, but what about the woman? She is also a powerful woman. How about talking about her milestones, and wealth instead of talking about the net worth of the man she is with,” she questions. In the bend she added that no one had the right to criticize her.

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