Munich The Edge of War review : Another boring World War 2 Movie Which Misses The Point 

Munich The Edge of War Movie review
Munich The Edge of War Movie review

The movie is based on Robert Harris’ novel ‘Munich’ and deals with the events related to one of the most horrific evens in world history – World War 2. In adapting Harris’ work, screenwriter Ben Power uses the story of a fictional friendship as an introduction to the controversial policy of appeasement toward Adolf Hitler (Ulrich Matthes) pursued by the U.K. and France in an effort to avert World War II.

The plot of director Christian Schwochow’s movie centres on real events, particularly the 1938 Munich conference and its thwarted peace agreement between Germany and England.

Disappointing and frustrating

This movie’s tempered, heavily qualified answers to a lot of questions related to Nazis are just upsetting. The Edge of War had a great opportunity to explore how even smart and educated Germans were seduced by Hitler’s hackneyed populist rhetoric?

Instead, the film tries to instil a sense of suspense when we are all painfully aware of the end result. It doesn’t work. It would have worked if story had been alternate-history, and was leading the audience to an unknown outcome.

The British WWII drama “Munich – The Edge of War” begins as a prim spy thriller and ends as an insufferable civics lesson.

Uninspiring performances

The performances, despite a solid cast, are also quite disappointing. An actor of Jeremy Irons’ caliber is saddled with a thinly written Chamberlain. MacKay only delivers blank expressions.