Friday, June 2, 2023

5 Vegetarian Zero Waste Meals To Die For


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Climate Change is one of the critical factor affecting the nation. The food disposed has a great effect on the environment. Here are some ways in which we can minimize waste.

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Food Waste is something which is intended for human consumption but is wasted and lost. In the entire Supply chain, food waste can happen from harvest to household. Here are 5 delicious Zero waste meals, which can help to preserve the environment.

5 Vegetarian Zero Waste Meals

Potato Skin Chips

Potato Skins are usually thrown away as trash. All the food waste ends up in Garbage which keeps piling in the landfills and adds to the environmental hazard. This incredibly delicious recipe requires very little equipment just a frying pan and a frying ladle. And the best part is that it only takes just a few minutes. Moreover these home made seasoned potato skin chips are delicious and are loaded with nutrients. Additionally it saves cost too. So the next time you think about trashing them, think it once again as it turn out as an amazing snack. Here is an amazing Rachael Ray Show amazing Potato Skin Crisp recipe.

Rachael Ray Show’s amazing Potato Skin Recipe

Vegetable Medley from Leftover Potatoes

Sometimes there are leftover vegetables like Broccoli, Carrots, half bell pepper, some herbs and just cut potatoes. All you need is just a couple of minutes and sautéing them, add water, and cook to make a vegetable medley. It hardly takes about 20 minutes. And the best part is one can have it with bread, rice or even with a Chapati. Here is the recipe for the Vegetable Medley. All these recipes are rustic and earthy, probably the best comfort food.

Vegetable Medley Recipe

Dough Crackers

Who doesn’t like crackers! The perfect accompaniment for tea, soup and even with salads. And nothing beats the ones at home. One can be creative and can add a touch of their own by doing the adjustments in the ingredients. Just change the quantity or the type in the dough and ‘Voila’! You have another flavour ready in minutes. The recipe takes you 20-25 minutes and one can eat right away or with a dip. Crackers from leftover dough is another way to make Vegetarian Zero Waste Meals.

Crackers from Leftover Sourdough

Spicy Pickled Vegetables

If you have some leftover vegetables that we haven’t eaten. Now you don’t have to dispose it and let it rot in the garbage. This causes a serios environmental damage. Just add a little spice to the mixture and add some vinegar and let it ferment for some time. In just few minutes a delicious zesty pickle is ready.

Pear Crumble from Overripe Pears

DESSERT TIME! A meal is never complete without a great dessert and trust me, there is this pear crumble is to die for. Although the recipe enclosed is of pear crumble made from overripe pears, it can be easily substituted with peaches. Instead of throwing it away enjoy this warm crumble with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Trust us, you would be on top of the moon. Here is an easy recipe that you can follow in just 20 minutes.

Never ever toss out your overripe fruit, you can make so many delicious pies and desserts. This recipe calls for pairs but as the author says you can use any fruit and also explain why overripe fruit is a good choice for this kind of recipe. If you love to bake and reduce waste, I hope you will give this a go, it’s the perfect zero waste meal!

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