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Neetu Kapoor Consulted Psychiatrist After Rishi Kapoor’s Death


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Actress revealed she consulted Psychiatrist and life after her husband’s death

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Any setback can take a heavy toll on ones mental health, especially if it is the loss of a loved one. Although all the relationships are special, the bond between a husband and wife is an eternal one. Neetu Kapoor one of Bollywood’s most loved and celebrated actresses lost her superstar actor husband Rishi Kapoor last year on April 30. In order to come out of the depression, Neetu Kapoor consulted Psychiatrist who advised her to keep busy and stay happy. So the actress decided to do the things herself

Neetu Kapoor gets emotional
Neetu Kapoor gets emotional

Neetu bounced back after the tragedy, decides to keep busy

Neetu welcomes Ranbir Bride Alia in the Family

Bollywood celebrities wish Ranbir-Alia
Bollywood celebrities wish Ranbir-Alia

However post the demise, the actress bounced back with the support of family and friends and her attitude. Recently she welcomed her son’s bride into the family as Ranbir got hitched to Mahesh Bhat’s daughter Alia in an intimate ceremony. Only a few of family friends were invited. After her husband death she judged the Dance Deewane’s Juniors, where she danced with contestants and the Judges and seems to have a great time. Also she is acting in Karan Johan production Jug Jugg Jiyo along with Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani and Manish Paul.

Happiness is Neetu’s Mantra of Healing

Neetu Kapoor’s smile can make anyone’s day. The Bollywood actress strongly believes in keeping hearself busy and Happy all the time. Although her confidence and positivity is an inspiration for many, the actress has admitted being in depression for many days after her husband’s death. The actress opened up on her life after Rishi Kapoor and her consultation with psychiatrist.

Neetu choses Healing with Happiness over Psychiatrist advice

Popular actress of the 70’s and 80’s Neetu Singh quitted the cinema after marriage. She admitted to being in depression for over six months after her husband’s death. The actress shares her mantra of staying happy and what makes her positive. “I feel that one has to just be positive to heal with happiness. The first six months after my husband passed away were so bad. I was really broken. But you have to pick yourself up. You have to say ‘this is it. Life is too short, and in these (Covid-19) days, life has taught us that each day is a gift.” “Exercise karo, achha khao, acha piyo, achha bolo. If you eat well, your body will look good. If you speak well, people will love you. Speak well, eat well: this is my main mantra in life.”

Neetu advices to consult a psychiatrist in case of mental problem

She also shared her experiences of the consultation with a psychiatrist. According to her, one must see a psychiatrist in case of a mental health problem. She said, “If you are having a mental health problem, see a psychiatrist. I went to a psychiatrist. After my husband (left), I used to consult a doctor, but then I said, ‘I am stronger than what the doctor is saying’. “”The doctor was telling me to do things that I already knew, so I thought to myself ‘Why am I not doing these myself?’. And so, I stopped seeing the doctor and I dealt with my ‘missing him’, ‘feeling low’ feelings within myself, and made myself stronger,” she continued.

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