World’s first Solar Electric Car- The vehicle of the future

First Solar electric Car
First Solar electric Car

Solar Electric Car-An ideal fuel operated option.

Humble Motors is the manufacturer of the World’s first Solar Electric Car. Humble is a California based tech company and it specialises in solar-empowered Vehicles. Besides,the vehicle is an attempt to provide a clean mobility experience for the public.

Solar Electric Vehicle- An efficient solution to rising Fuel Prices and Pollution.

The fuel crisis is one of the most concerning topics in current times. In addition, the exorbitant fuel prices, its shortage and the Russian Ukraine crises are some of the factors responsible for people seeking alternative solutions. Sun is the most accessible source of energy that should be harnessed to its full potential. What’s more interesting is that the infrastructure of the Indian roads is different and is marred by congestion. It causes extreme fuel consumption and pollution. Thus travelling in a Solar Electric Vehicle is an apt solution. Besides, a solar electric Vehicle is an eco-friendly option due to its negligible pollution.

Further, as per the statistics of WHO 2014, air pollution causes more than 7 million global casualties. As a result more than 75% of Indian cities exceed the prescribed levels of air pollutants.

The Future of Commuting-Solar Electric Vehicle

Characteristics of a SEV

In addition to the design, here are some of the characteristics that make Humble 1 as a car to have. The vehicle is likely to cost an exorbitant 81 lakh. There is no doubt that the world’s first Solar Electric Car is a worthy buy, should one have money.

Eco-Friendly/Noise-Free-zero emission level
-No greenhouse gases
-No Noise Pollution
Endless Energy-Highly Efficient
-Endless Energy
-More Horsepower
No Fuel Cost-No Fuel Cost
-Low Maintenance
Driving Comfort-Lightweight components
-Run faster than Petrol and Diesel engines

Humble expected to launch the world’s first SEV in 2024

California based company Humble launches the world’s first solar electric vehicle. The company received over launches of $20 million (Rs 146 crores) in reserved pre-orders. Humble One is the company’s brainchild. The vehicle uses a technology that is not currently in use as yet. The vehicle uses solar energy to propel the motor. The range of the car is expected to be 96 km.

Facts associated with Humble 1-World’s First solar power electric SUV

Manufactured by Humble OnePhotovoltaic cells mounted on Roof
Based on Technology not used in the mainstream805Km on a single recharge
Motor powered by Solar EnergyMax power output 1020, Aerodynamic design
SUV with solar panels on roof20 million pre-orders Rs 146 crores
State of the art design vsloping roofline,
a massive blacked-out grille
slim LED headlights.

Expected production in 2024
Received over 20 million of pre-received orders
Launching likely in 2024 n the US, followed by other countries.

Solar Electric Car a Remedy or a burden?

The solar electric car is a blessing. It solves the problem of high-cost fuel and also has an amazing design. However, it only has limited space and high maintenance costs.