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Ukraine Is Beautiful, Breathtaking and Buzzing With Love – Explore The Country With Top Indian YouTubers


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Ukraine has been in news for all the wrong reasons these days but this country offers the best of natural beauty and hospitality. There are a number of travel vloggers who have explored the country in the past and figured out that its people are friendly, its food is yummy and its natural vistas are simply breathtaking. The country offers a unique blend of tradition and modern lifestyle. There are many Indian travel vloggers who have explored Ukraine and brought out the best of Ukraine with their unique storytelling. Lets have a look at some of the top travel vlogs featuring Ukraine, its culture and its people.

Here we go –

A. Nomadic Indian

The video captures the sights and sounds of Ukraine in a unique style

Nomadic Indian is one of the top travel vlogs on Ukraine which has generated more than 18 lakh views so far. The host is Deepanshu Sangwan who travels through the interiors of Ukraine to understand the country beyond the big cities. He stays in small hotels and lodges in towns and villages like Ruska Mokra in Ukraine. The best part of his Ukraine videos is the one where he tries to strike up a conversation with the locals in order to understand them better. He speak to everyone – women, men and kids and tries to extract as much information as possible about their country and village.

He brings to us the real picture of Ukraine – good infrastructure in cities but its starts deteriorating as you start moving towards mountains and villages.

You should watch this video to see Ukraine, its people talking about their culture and singing Indian songs like Jimmy Jimmy and a very easy to understand storytelling by the host.

B. Mithilesh Backpacker

Mithilesh has a very rustic way of storytelling which makes his video fun to watch

Mithilesh carries the image of a boy next door and explores Ukraine with a smile on his face. He visits churches, he explores markets and he also spends some time with kids at amusements parks in Ukraine trying to capture the essence of Ukraine like none other. He also cracks silly jokes with women around him, makes them sing Indian songs and keep everyone in good humor. He also goes to pubs and gives us a glimpse of the vibrant atmosphere.

His videos has accumulated more than 7 lac views.

C. International Villagers

Talking to strangers is one of the many unique features that makes this vlog entertaining

International Villagers is one travel vlog on Ukraine that should not miss if you really want to understand the city life the country. Its host Rajnish makes it a point to speak to as many people as possible in Ukraine and his conversations usually revolves around mundane topics in life. He also requests the locals to speak some sentences in Hindi which makes the video even more interesting.

The video has received more than 2 lac views so far.

His efforts to understand the history behind some of the historical places in Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine is really commendable. Locals try to explain everything to him in broken English and he tries his best to get the message. The video is a must watch to see the locals going out of their way to make his welcomed and comfortable in an otherwise alien territory.

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