Saturday, December 9, 2023

Netflix Darlings looks Intriguing, Mischevious, and Mysterious


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Jasmeet K Reen’s Darlings features the two Bollywood female actors Shefali Shah and Alia Bhatt. With the movie all set to release on August 5, watch them in a most tricky role.

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Darlings Trailer has released and needless to say the looks of both the leading ladies are out of the world. Looking Funny, Mysterious and Dangerous, the teaser has increased heartbeats. Simply the looks of the teaser can be termed as lethal. When actors like Shefali Shah and Alia Bhatt take the centerstage, one can only expect fireworks in acting. Amazing portrayal of characters in a never seen role before, Netflix Darlings looks Intriguing, Dangerous and full of Suspense.

Darlings Trailer
Darlings Trailer

Netflix Darlings looks Intriguing, increasing people’s expectations

The trailer has surely increased people’s expectations of the movie. Just the presence of these powerful actresses taking charge gives one the reason to watch the movie on August 5. And the best part the movie is one doesn’t have to go anywhere. Here is a trailer that starts with an intriguing story of a Frog and a Scorpion.

Darlings Trailer

A Dark Comedy, Netflix Darlings Teaser grips with Plot of Conspiracy and Lust

Darlings outrightly seems to weave a plot that has all the thrill elements. While there is suspense and horror, the teaser is an eerie display of Comedy, lust and Mystery all in one. When it comes to creating curiosity, Darlings has just hit the target. Shefali and Alia are griping as they portray the role of Ammi and Beti in their rustic and decked up looks. Drenched completely in the role, when Vijay Maurya asked the Mother-Daughter duo a question,” Mere maathe pe kya likha hua hai?’ And they just stare at his forehead as if looking for an answer.

With each actors seen in his stellar performance, Netflix Darlings looks Intriguing

Netflix is a likely to be a dark comedy, but the story of Frog and Scorpion adds to the suspense. Additionally both men have done a great job, although the roles of the leading ladies have overpowered them. Malayalam actor Roshan Mathew, doesn’t have much role in the trailer of Darlings, but is sure to hit the audience once the film starts streaming.

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