Thursday, June 1, 2023

Netizens mocked Adipurush’s VFX, refer them as cartoon like


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Adipurush’s stellar star cast had already raised the expectations of the audience very high. First of all, the movie had Prabhas. The very name of Prabhas is synonymous with the mega blockbuster Bahubali and his name emits that same aura. Om Raut, the director of the movie has loaded the movie with special effects in a hope to elevate the hype of the epic movie. Over 400 Crores have been spent on the movie and honestly speaking the special effects have taken most of the budget. Although the makers might be counting on the VFX, the audience seem to differ. Netizens mocked Adipurush’s VFX and referred to it more cartoon like. There were others who compared it to the game ‘Temple Run’.

Disappointed Netizens mocked Adipurush’s VFX, rate is under-par

Audience seemed to have given their verdict on Adipurush’s teaser. The teaser had generated quite a vibe due to its release in Ayodhya on the banks of Saryu River. There is no doubt that the director had loaded it with special effects. However, it can be easily said that the movie does not even come close to what is expected out from an epic movie. Netizens mocked Adipurush’s VFX and referred them as disappointing. Many memes surfaced on the social media. Here is a compilation of the few memes that is picking on the social media.

Adipurush memes considered as work of Children

Also, the people are extremely angry on the way their idols have been portrayed in the movie. Fans have commented that the characters of the movie do not give a realistic view. There are many people who have compared the movie to ‘Pogo’ due to the cartoonish look. They also attacked Prabhas for relying more on graphics to look good.

Pathetic and below par VFX’s trigger Adipurush’s comparisons to predecessors

Taking offense to the movie’s below par VFX, many fans were quick to draw comparisons with earlier movies such as SRK’s Ra One and ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ (2016). Comparing one of the special effects what seems like an unfinished copy of a scene from the latter.

Comparison of Adipurush with ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

Genuine Fans wish the makers to reconsider the VFX to prevent it being a disaster

There is no doubt that the VFX is below par, however the movie does have a great talent pool. Thus, there are some genuine fans who have urged the directors to rework on the movie’s special effects.

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