Latest update in Sushant Singh Rajput case

Pitani's lawyer made confession
Pitani's lawyer made confession

Siddharth Pitani’s lawyer made a big disclosure in the case

Sushant Singh Rajput , the star of MS Dhoni: The untold story passed away on June 14,2020.Following the actor’s death the investigation agencies questioned many individuals associated with the late actor. They arrested Siddharth Pitani on charges of procuring drugs. Since then he applied for bail but is still pending.

Siddharth bail still pending, his lawyer claims

Siddharth bail still pending

Lawyer claims the hearing date hasn’t still come

Taraq Sayyed, Pitani’s lawyer said that the bail is still pending. He added that the trial hearing date has still not come in the court. On the other hand the NCB claims they arrested on the basis of a proof. Whatsapp messages from Pitani showed he had connections with drug suppliers. Also Pitani applied for bail several times but every time it was rejected. He took special permission to attend his marriage and surrendered a day later.

Siddharth bail rejected again

NCB arrested Siddharth Pitani last year, as many faces came under suspicion

The Narcotics Control Bureau arrested Siddharth Pitani last year in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. As many faces came under the scanner, the NCB arrested the actor’s roommate Siddharth Pitani in Hyderabad. Pitani was in the house along with the other four when Sushant Singh was found dead. According to the Mumbai police, Pitani knew that Sushant was prescribed depression medicine, however he did not have it for a couple of days. In the days that followed police questioned the actor’s business manager and Pitani in connection with money laundering case. Besides the above NCB charged both Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik and arrested them in connection with the case.

Pitani claims the actor brother in law was upset over his company

Pitani share whatsapp messages to the CBI. His brother in law sent the messages as the family was upset with his company. He added that they sent the messages because they could not reach him.

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