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Amber Heard steals ‘Talented Mr Ripley’ during her trial against


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Actress steals the 1999 movie lines during her trial against Johnny Depp

Amber stole dialogues
Amber stole dialogues
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Amber Heard took to the stand to testify against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Heard accusations of her ex-husband abuse invited many comments on the social media. Her testimony became a laughing stock as many users felt that Amber stole movie dialogues from the movie ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’. Most social media users felt that Heard pretended during her acting and just copied the line from the movie and used them during the testimony.

Amber stole movie dialogues from the 1999 movie, users share the proof

According to one rumor, Amber stole lines exactly the same from the 1999 movie. Amber described her abuse at the hands of Johnny Depp using the popular dialogue from the movie. A user shared a snapshot of the tweet between two characters. Looking at the snapshot it seems Amber just repeated the dialogues in support of her claim. A user shared Amber’s testimony and compared it with the epic movie.

Fact-checking website claims that the actress did not use dialogues

However Snopes, a fact checking website declared them to be all false. According to their report, Heard did not say these words in her trial. However, strangely none of the tweets shared any video of the actress using the dialogues. There were also no transcripts making the tweets suspicious. The video of the trial is available for the viewers.

Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial, couple divorce in 2017

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