Friday, December 8, 2023

Mumbai Police Soon To Request Instagram To Deactivate Katrina’s Stalker Account


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The Santacruz Police shall send the social media platform Instagram request to deactivate Manvendra Singh’s account.

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There are new developments in the Katrina Kaif’s stalking case. DCP(Zone IX) Manjunath Singe confirmed that they shall soon deactivate Katrina’s Stalker account. Police arrested the culprit behind all the online harassment, Manvendra Singh on Monday. Singh’s Instagram showed a number of photoshopped pictures and Deep-faked videos, where he claimed to have married the actress in secret.

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Katrina Vicky Morphed Pictures
Katrina Vicky Morphed Pictures

Also, it has been noted that Singh belongs to Lucknow and is staying in Mumbai to get a break in Bollywood. Not only did he post these fake pictures, but also made threatening calls to actor and Katrina’s husband Vicky Kaushal.

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After Manvendra’s arrest, police to request Insta to Deactivate Katrina’s Stalker Account

Although the police have arrested the stalker, a senior officer states that a complaint is filed if the person registered a formal complaint. After the accused posted fake pictures and videos, police requested Instagram to deactivate Katrina’s stalker account. After Vicky received threatening calls, the couple approached police who arrested Manvendra. Actually the whole thing started since the time Katrina made her engagement to Vicky Public. Singh uploaded two videos after the engagement was announced. In one of the videos, Singh has two masked men in video with him. In one of the videos, one man is seen saying,” We have frequently seen Sir and Katrina Madam coming and going together in a car and Sir is always with her on her shoots, but Madam keeps everything secret. Sir married her on December 13 and what she is claiming now is all fake.”

Singh then uploaded a second video of himself in which he said, “I’m getting many messages asking what happened, since I have been with Katrina for so long and there are so many pictures of us together. Her younger sister is facing some personal problems, due to which Katrina has to go through this charade. But the problems are solved now. I have personally solved her problem.”

The Santacruz police have taken copies of all the pictures and videos as part of the investigation.

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