Ranbir Sanjay’s Shamshera: Stunning Action and VFX, Trailer releases today


Shamshera’s Trailer is set to release today. Movie shows Ranbir as a warrior set against the dacoit Sanjay Dutt

Ever since the teaser of the Ranbir-Sanjay starrer movie Shamshera was released, fans have been in awe. Already the talks of it being a success have started. Ranbir’s back-to-back movies Brahmastra and now Shamshera trailers are loaded with stunning Visual effects. Shamshera trailer shows Ranbir in and as ‘Shamshera’, the tribal warrior entrusted with the task to safeguard and protect his tribe against the cruelty of the British subordinate Shudh Singh. After the first teaser was released Ranbir and Sanjay Dutt’s fans could not be more excited. Ranbir-Sanjay’s Shamshera teaser has triggered the interest of the people.

Ranbir in Shamshera
Ranbir in Shamshera

Shamshera’s movie clip shows Ranbir as a warrior against British general Sanjay Dutt

The clip that is just over a minute long, gives us flashing glimpses of Ranbir Kapoor in action as the legendary dacoit warrior who keeps watch on his tribe and defends them from the merciless British army. Riding in the wilderness and swinging his axe, this lone warrior is faced with an equally intimidating and menacing general, played by Sanjay Dutt, who poses the biggest threat to his people.

Fans Invited for Ranbir Sanjay’s Shamshera Poster Launch

One of the heartthrobs of the ladies, Ranbir still rules the hearts of many. Additionally, he has a wonderful connection with his fans and is very active on social media. Ranbir-Alia’s wedding was an extremely intimate affair and had created quite a buzz with people for its unique out-of-the-league wedding ceremonies. Although Ranbir is known for his fun banter, this time he funnily surprised his fans. Yash Raj Production House shared the video, where he surprised them by tearing his film poster and making a badass entry. Also, his fans hugged him, while some got emotional. Revealing the twist of the launch of the poster, Ranbir said, “My fans were specially invited today to launch the poster of my film Shamshera. But there was a small twist. They didn’t know I was going to meet them and spend time with them.”

Fans get emotional seeing Ranbir at the Poster Launch

Visual Effects and Fictional Battle backdrop make up Ranbir Sanjay’s Shamshera

‘Shamshera’ story takes us to the pre-independence times. Set in the fictional city of Kaza, the movie reflects the undying spirit and leadership of a warrior who leads his tribe to free them from a ruthless authoritarian general Shudh Singh. Also, it reflects the journey of a slave to a leader and finally a legend of his tribe. Karan Malhotra has directed the movie and it shall release in 3 languages Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on July 22, 2022. There has been a great response to the teaser. Since its release, the movie has crossed over 20 million views and is still going strong.

Shamshera sees Ranbir in a completely new Avatar, says it is not a ‘ DAAKU’ movie

Looking at Ranbir’s character is unlike any of his previous movies. Although Rockstar showed his psychic personality, the character of Shamshera reflects heroism and bravery. He clarified the misconceptions about his character from the movie. “‘Shamshera’ is not a story of a ‘dark’, but a film based in the 1800s, it is about a dacoit tribe who are fighting for their right and independence from the British. There was a great story of heroism, a story rooted in our country which happened back then.” So far the teaser looks enticing and impressive and is different from the chocolate hero image he carries. With the trailer launching today, Ranbir Sanjay’s Shamshera is all set to make its mark at the Box Office.

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