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Ranveer Singh’s Photoshoot Reaction: Mimi Chakravorty asks if a woman did the same


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Bengali actress and politician Mimi Chakravorty has strongly reacted to Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot. Actress asked netizens if their reaction would be same if a woman did the same.

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Ranveer’s Nude Photoshoot for the Paper’s magazine broke the Internet down and became frenzy. For the unversed popular Paper Magazine posted two pictures of himself in the buff. Jayeshbhai Jordaar actor Ranveer posed one picture lying face down on a carpet and other cross legged. In the picture the actor covered the modesty. Posting of the picture led to a number of memes and comments on the social media. Many other actors before Ranveer had shot in the nude, not to forget the controversial Milind Soman Madhu Sapre Python Ad in complete Nude. Considering the actor has a massive fan following, the internet went frenzy as he posed nude. Now Ranveer Singh’s photoshoot reaction has come from none other Bengali actor and politician Mimi Chakraborty. Here’s what she vented out on the Twitter.

Mimi Chakraborty’s reaction onRanveer Singh’s photoshoot reaction

Mimi Questions Ranveer Singh’s Photoshoot Reaction, asks if it would remain same in case of a woman

Politician harsh words came in response to Ranveer Singh’s Nude Photoshoot. She questioned if the reaction would be the same if it was a woman. Expressing her voice on the social media platform Twitter, she wrote, ‘Internet broke with Ranveer sSingh’s latest photoshoot and comments were (mostly).Just wondering if the appreciation would have been same if she was a woman.Or would u have burned her house down, taken up morchas given her a death threat and slut shamed her.’ In the Tweet that followed , she wrote ‘We talk about Equality where is that now??!!!!You know right its your perspective that can change something or destroy it totally. IN this case lets broaden our perspective coz that body comes with a lot of sacrifice trust me (No salt, No sugar, No carbs…)’. Ranveer nude photoshoot has gone viral

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