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Rekha and Ompuri’s Intimacy during a scene in Aastha hit headlines


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Both Rekha and Ompuri are movie industry legends. They both have many memorable movies, however during a shooting for Aastha both become so engrossed that it replicated a real sex scene.

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Rekha might have turned 68 yesterday, but her aura still competes with any of today’s times. Endowed by charisma and beauty both the yesteryear actress can still cast a spell on anybody. Vidya Balan’s movie Dirty picture famous dialogue can be aptly used for Rekha’s movies as well. “Filme Sirf teen cheezon se chalti hai, Entertainment, Entertainment aur Entertainment.” And her movies definitely delivered on the Entertainment quotient. Her acting has been gutsy. Yesteryear actress has done some roles that could have been intimidating for many. Some of the roles worth mentioning were Aastha, Kamasutra and Khiladi Ke Khiladi. Among all the scenes of the actress, Aastha movie scene is worth the mention. Om Puri starred in the scene. Although the movie failed to create any buzz, Rekha and Ompuri’s Intimacy in a scene took to the headlines. There was a gossip that Both Rekha and Ompuri lost control during filming sex scene that they broke the chair.

Rekha and Om Puri Hot scene from Aastha

Actors Rekha and Ompuri Intimacy crossed boundaries in a scene from Aastha

Of all the movies of the actress, Aastha movie still finds a reference. Both Rekha and Ompuri enacted the roles of husband and wife in the movie. Movie had many abundant scenes and in one of the scenes the actors Rekha and Ompuri intimacy broke limits.

Aastha Movie
Aastha Movie

The scene was nothing short of intense. It is said that the Rekha and Ompuri’s Intimacy scene was supposed to be shot on a chair. People on the sets reported that both were so lost that even the chair was about to break.

Rekha’s intimate scene in Aastha

In other words, the scene replicated the real sex scene. Rekha is one of the bold actresses of her time and abounds in beauty and talent. All the above-mentioned movies are daring, and the pictures are a proof of that. Here is a trailer of her movie Kamasutra.

Rekha in Kamasutra

However, anytime a mention of Rekha’s name is there, Aastha’s Rekha and Ompuri intimacy sex scene comes at the top. It has been the actress’s most seductive role till date. As #RekhaBirthday trends on Twitter we wish her the very best. May be the actress has a controversial past, she still continues to rule everyone hearts.

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