Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sara Ali Khan’s Video goes viral, raises questions about men’s security


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Video of Sara Ali Khan has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. In the video, Sara is seen touching security guard. Viral video has created a storm raising a debate around laws protecting a man’s dignity.

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Sara Ali Khan stepped into a fancy restaurant with her friend on the weekend. Perhaps she was not aware of what she was getting herself into. A video of her has gone viral, that has landed her amidst the line of fire. Sara Ali Khan’s video with friend sees her touching the security guard inappropriately. It immediately triggered the debate on the social media. There were mixed views as some of them blamed the actress for the act while others laughed it off as being unintentional and perhaps the aftereffects of excessive liquor consumption.

Sara Ali’s Hot Pictures

Is inappropriate touching of men OK. Sara Ali Khan’s Video erupts debate on men’s protection

Whatever the views of the public are, one thing is sure, effective protection should be given to either gender. Inappropriate touching is an offence if carried on any individual a man, woman or even a transgender. While the laws are stringent if a man touches a woman in an aberrated condition, the reverse doesn’t hold true. Imagine the consequences if the same security guard would have dared so. Would it provide him the same rights? Sara Ali Khan’s video also draws attention of protecting a man’s dignity against molestation. Molestation on men, surprised? Is there anything like that also? Shocking, isn’t it? Does a man have the same options under law?

Whole thing is blown out of limits, a witness photographer claimed

While the debate about seeking men’s rights is ongoing, an anonymous photographer witness shares his account. He completely rubbished the claim of inappropriate touching and said that the case has unnecessarily being blown out of limits.

“The incident has been blown out of proportion,” he says. Another photographer says, “Yes Sara was drunk — we all spoke about how drunk and unsteady she was, and she did throw out a hand to support herself and her hand almost brushed against the guard, but she didn’t actually touch him.”

A witness accounts of Sara’s ordeal with the Guard

All in all, he claimed that it was mere accidental and never intentional. Besides accidentally touching the guard, he also refuted the netizens claims of being drunk. Now whether he is right or the netizens could be debated, but one thing is there. It has triggered a serious debate on establishing unisex legal rights when it comes to such a situation.

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