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Kabir Bedi’s Fourth Marriage Is To A Girl Thirty Year Younger To Him


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One of the renowned and popular faces of Bollywood, Kabir Bedi’s personal life has always hit headlines. Having worked in more than 60 movies, his personal life is nothing short of a controversy. Actor has recently got married the fourth time.

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Kabir Bedi recently married a girl 30 years younger to him. The actor has quite a history when it comes to marriage. After marrying classical dancer Protima Bedi in the year 1969, he married two times before tying the recent knot. Pooja and Siddharth were born of the wedlock. The marriage could not last long and both of them parted ways. His son Siddharth died by suicide because of a financial crisis, Protima also left this world forever in an accident. It is said that Parveen Babi was the main cause of the split. Even his relationship to Parveen also did not work out and the paths parted.

Kabir Bedi Marriage
Kabir Bedi Marriage

Parveen Dosanjh is the girl in Kabir Bedi’s Fourth Marriage

Kabir Bedi got married to British actress Susan soon after. Susan and Kabir also have a son. Even this marriage also did not last long and they got divorced. After breaking up with British fashion designer Susan Humphreys, Kabir married TV and radio presenter Nikki for the third time in the 1990s. The marriage lasted for 15 years.

His fourth marriage is with 30 year younger girl Parveen Dosanjh. The due were in in a live-in relationship with Kabir for almost ten years. Expressing her disapproval after Kabir Bedi’s marriage, his daughter from the first wife Pooja Bedi wrote, ‘There is a witch or evil stepmother in every fairy tale, I also got her now.’ However, Pooja later removed this tweet from her account.

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