Sonnalli Seygall post-covid stiffness with yoga

Sonnalli Syegall
Sonnalli Syegall

Sonnalli is beating the post-covid stiffness with an intense routine of Chakrasana in her home garden

The COVID-19 crisis that has dramatically changed the ways we work and live has also changed the way we exercise and stay fit. As gyms remain closed, open spaces and parks remain restricted, people are resorting to home workouts. Runners and cyclists are looking for indoor exercise options to burn calories and stay agile. A natural corollary has been a surge in demand for home workout equipment and accessories such as treadmills, exercise bikes, resistance bands, skipping ropes, dumbbells along with fitness apps and online fitness programs. As a form of exercise that can be easily practiced even in a small enclosed space, yoga has found new converts during the pandemic. While there was no dearth of online yoga sessions and apps even before COVID-19 broke out, most people usually preferred to perform yoga in groups and under the physical supervision of a trained expert. Sonnalli Seygall beat post-covid stiffness through Yoga.

Sonnalli beat post-covid stiffness with an intense routine of Chakrasana in her home garden.

Sonnalli is an absolute fitness enthusiast. The actor keeps slaying fitness goals like a pro for us almost on a regular basis. Sonnalli believes in the power of yoga and high-intensity workouts and keeps sharing doses of workout inspiration for us on her Instagram profile with extracts from her own workout routine. Be it working out in her gym or in the garden, Sonnalli’s fitness diaries are drool-worthy. Sonnalli also loves to merge traveling and working out together. The actor is often spotted in the serene valleys of Rishikesh – hailed as the yoga capital of the world – engrossed in a yoga routine. From performing Surya Namaskar with the backdrop of the hills of Rishikesh to showing us how to improve and work on the flexibility of the body with AcroYoga, Sonnalli’s yoga diaries keep getting better by the day.

Sonnalli Seygall tested positive and shared video clip. Sonnalli beat post-covid stiffness

The actress, however, tested for covid-19 last week. Sonnalli shared the update on her Instagram profile and wrote that this is the first time that she tested positive for the virus since the pandemic started in 2020. The actor tested negative sometime back – however, is in the grip of the weakness and stiffness post-recovery. Sonnalli has a yoga fix to beat the post-covid stiffness in style. The actor shared a short video on her Instagram profile a day back and showed us how to work on the immunity and the range of motion of the body through yoga.

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