Ranveer mimicked Kartik on KWK7, but fans remember Sushant, find out Why

Koffee with Karan first episode
Koffee with Karan first episode

On the first episode featuring Alia and Ranveer had the fun, banter and energy. However Ranveer’s mimicry of Kartik Aaryan did not go well with Sushant’s fans.

There is no doubt that Karan’s popular talk show enjoys immense popularity with his fans. The show has maintained this kind of popularity this long talks volumes of its popularity. Although there have been many controversies, but the show continues. Some of the popular controversies include Kangana accusing Karan for promoting Nepotism, Kareena making fun of Priyanka accent , or Sonam and Deepika making fun of Ranbir. One of funny section of Koffee With Karan includes Kill Marry Hook Up. In one of his episodes, Alia Bhatt when asked who he wants to kill, he said Sushant. Angry Sushant fans criticized immensely the show and even asked it to be banned. However, it seems like nothing has changed, the only difference is now it is Kartik Aaryan. Everything was going fine till Ranveer mimicked Kartik Aaryan and again the fans had the same episode flashing in front of their eyes. Here are both the episodes and find the common link between the two.

Koffee with Karan episode where Alia mentions to kill Sushant

Ranveer discussed Urfi Javed during KWK7

Ranveer mimics Kartik, Alia, Karan laugh at his expense

Sushant fans had the same feeling when Ranveer did the same about Kartik. Taking a jibe at the actor, Ranveer mimicked the Bhool Bhulayiaa 2 star leaving a bad taste. As both Ranveer and Alia were sharing the banter, they came on an equally receiving end as Ranveer attempted to mimic Kartik Aaryan. However it did not go well with some Sushant fans who just felt the same events happening again.

Ranveer mimicry of Varun and Kartik

Netizens reminded of KWK episode, where they made fun of SSR

It seems like no one has learnt any lesson. In a playful banter, Alia asks Ranveer to copy Kartik Aaryan diverse poses for the Paparazzi and the fans while the Karan and Alia are having a good laugh. Also recently the news of Karan and Kartik fall out went public, and Kartik was taken out from the movie. Angered by the whole saga one of the fans tweeted the following.

Ranveer mimics Kartik, makes fan Angry

Fans feel Ranveer’s gesture resembled Alia’s for SSR

Most of the fans felt that KWK 7 is now doing the same thing to Kartik what they did to SSR. For the unversed, netizens were extremely enraged for the filmmaker and producer neither called Sushant to grace the couch nor took him in any off his movies. However, the only thing he did was ,make him the reason for his jokes. Thus, there were many a fans who filed petitions to ban the show.

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