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Daler Mehndi’s Tweet Refers As Prince Harry’s Saviour


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Indian Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi became a victim to a Tweet. The Tweet claimed the singer’s mention in Harry’s Autobiography Spar during his low moments.

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Singers Daler Mehendi and Gurdas Mann are icons whenever there is a mention of Punjabi music. More so, the former is responsible for single handedly revival of the Bhangra pop Music worldwide. The singer has a significant role in the popularity of the Punjabi pop as we know it today. There is no doubt that Punjabi Music is the epitome of vibrant and rhythmic music. Daler Mehendi is one of those Punjabi pop artists who have displayed amazing dance steps. Some of his songs like ‘Bolo Tara Tara’, and ‘Tunak Tunak’ became super hits of all times. Daler Mehndi’s Tweet mentioned Prince Harry as a saviour during his low phase. Also, the rumour has it that the prince has also mentioned it in his book ‘Spare’. However, the authenticity of it is not proven as yet.

Daler Mehendi
Daler Mehendi

Daler Mehendi’s Tweet mentions Prince Harry, Singer shared without authentication

For those unversed, Daler Mehendi’s Tweet as Prince Harry’s saviour. And the singer was quick to share the original Insta post on his Twitter handle. The original post on the Instagram fetched 36,000 likes. It reads the following.

Daler Mehndi thanked Prince Harry

Debate starts over Daler Mehndi’s Tweet

Banter and Debate started over Daler Mehndi’s Tweet. While some users wondered what Prince Harry would look like dancing to the tunes of Bolo Tara Ra Ra and Daler’s other gems, others wondered if he knows the truth.

“stop! nobody tunak his tananaas,”

User commented on Daler’s Tweet

Prince Harry’s Autobiography

‘Spare’, Prince Harry’s autobiography is expected to unravel the mysteries of the Royals. It is also expected to be controversial. Spare has sold more than 3.2 million copies worldwide after just one week of publication and will likely rank among the bestselling memoirs of all time.

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