Friday, July 19, 2024

Whatsapp amazing upcoming feature


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Feature lets you Exit whatsapp silently without creating a scene

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One has to admit that leaving a group in Whatsapp is one of the most annoying task. Reason underlying this is simple and obvious. When a user decides to leave the group, the entire group gets a notification, the person left. At times it gets awkward as one ends up into unnecessary reasoning. Especially if it is a family group, it could lead to unwanted pressures to join back again. This problem is not limited to whatsapp only, but also on other instant message apps. However, with the whatsapp new feature, it allows users to exit whatsapp silently without letting anyone know.

Although the feature is still under development and shall be coming in the near future. So now if a user leaves the group, it shall only inform the group admins of the exit. As per WABetaInfo, the feature is currently under development and will be coming to a future update of the app. With the new feature, when a users leaves a group, only group admins will be notified of the exit.

Feature currently on Desktop, soon to come on both Android and iOS

With the feature under testing, it is most likely to come to all the devices once the update comes out in a couple of months. Additionally, whatsapp also includes rich link in status updates. According to WABeta, the apps latest Beta versions generate link previews. Also the new link previews are more detailed than the semi-previews one sees on the android app.

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