Adnan Sami Writes Alvida On Instagram, Deletes All Posts

Adnan Alvida
Adnan Alvida

The singer gave his fans a scare when he deleted all the posts and videos from his Instagram and typed ‘Alvida’

Singer Adnan Sami’s fans were in for a scare when he did what was least expected. In a post the famous singer deleted all the pictures and videos from Instagram. Adnan sami writes Alvida on his Instagram , causing his fans worried for him. ‘Tera Chehra’ singer sent shocking waves as he deleted all his past videos and pictures from his Instagram.

Adnan Sami writes Alvida
Adnan Sami writes Alvida

He then left his profile blank and left a video that read ‘ALVIDA (goodbye).’ Hardly had Adnan shared the post, the worried hoarded the social media with concern emoji. While some got worried about the singer, other just speculated the action as a promotional strategy for the song of the same name. 

Pakistani Singer became Indian Singer, had undergone transformation in weight

Pakistani singer shot into fame when he completely transformed when he got his weight down to 80 kg from the earlier 220. Following a strict diet regime he got down to where he is today. Not only in his body, his singing also lifted just like the title of his song ‘Lift kara De’. The singer has received Padma Shri Award for his contribution to the field of performing arts.

Fans get worried as Adnan writes ‘Alvida’ on Instagram

It was only last month that the singer had posted pictures of his trip to Maldives and the fans praised him for his pictures. Over years the singer has had a massive weight transformation as he lost more than 140 kgs. Sharing his beach pictures he wrote, “Just Chilling …Another Paradise!” He also added more pictures of his wife and daughter from their time in a pool. Adnan writes ‘Alvida’ on the Instagram and fans were surprised considering the actor had posted Maldives pictures last month.

Adnan expressed his gratitude for the wellness of himself and family

Panemic had taken a toll on everyone and the actor took a moment to express his gratitude for being fine and also his family. Mentioning the impact that pandemic had on people’s lives , he added that he was happy that he had made it alive till there. He also expressed his relief that his fans were alright.

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