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Top Gun Original Soundtrack still creates the same magic as before


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‘Take My Breath Away’ by Berlin, the original Top Gun anthem

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Top Gun: Maverick premiered at the Cannes Festival 2022 to roaring Applause of the crowd. As the team responded to the love, one could easily see the emotions in them. Top Gun’s sequel is most likely scheduled to hit the theatres tomorrow in India on April 27,2022. Although originally scheduled to release in the year 2019, Pandemic delayed the movie. Consequently what followed was a series of scheduling conflicts. Tom Cruise and his team received a standing 6 minutes ovation at the Cannes Festival. According to some critics the movie is superior to its original film. Although the original movie might not be as good as the current one, it does makes one romantic about the amazing soundtrack of part one. Whether it was Kerry Loggins Danger Zone or the seductive voice of Berlin in You Take my breath away, Top Gun Original Soundtrack still spells the same magic as before. Both songs rose to the top of the charts. The latter won both the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Award for the best original song in the year 1986. Here is an original video of Berlin’s song ‘ You Take My Breath Away’.

You Take a Breath Away

Interesting Facts of Top gun’s ‘You Take My Breath Away’

One of the powerful ballads of the movie Top Gun, one can’t help but think of Tom Cruise epic moments as a great aviator. It became so popular over to be regarded as Top Gun’s theme song. Movie’s seductive song might be a one hit wonder but what a song it became. True to its name it did take ‘Everyone’s Breath Away’. Here are some of the interesting facts about the song.

Top Gun Original Soundtrack
Top Gun Original Soundtrack

Top Gun Original Soundtrack : Some Fascinating Details

  • Super producer Giorgio Moroder wrote the musical backing.
  • Lyricist Tom Whitlock wrote the lyrics while driving home from the studio, and then spent a few hours at home perfecting them.
  • Song was specially written for the movie
  • Demo of the song that the background singer sung had the directors and producers film more romantic scene between Cruise and kelly McGills.
  • Although the song was first offered to the American New Wave Band however the producer and director chose Berlin who produced the song ‘No More Words’ for. They changed few lyrics before Berlin singer Terri Nunn recorded the vocals.

How did ‘Take my Breath Away Perform’ on Music Charts?

It did spectacular on every muscic chart. While it was actually the second single from Top Gun after Danger Zone, it was a UK and US number one hit in 1986, and also topped the charts in Canada, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland and Belgium. Besides it was also the fifth best-selling single of 1986 in the UK

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