Friday, June 9, 2023

Big Boss Demanded Nominations Following Argument Between Contestants


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Big Boss 16 is underway and recently contestants got into heated argument. Big Boss asked the house captain, Gautam Vig to name those who were responsible for the spat.

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Salman Khan’s show Big Boss is full of endless drama. There is no end as the contestants keep on with their antics. The same happened on the 10th day as Sreejita and Gori got into a serious argument. It all started when Sreejita De and Gori Nagori got into an argument. Sreejita referred the latter as ‘standardless’. The trouble had started after Gori asked for more ‘sabzi’ and Sreejita got angry. Also Sumbul Toqueer, who is a co-contestant also accompanied Sreejita. who was also working in the kitchen, started shouting at Gori. Following the argument, Big Boss demanded nominations of the people who initiated the fight.

Following Sreejita’s Clash with Nagori, Big Boss demanded nominations

It looks apparent that Big Boss is not going to tolerate any nonsense when it comes to discipline. So it was obvious that the nominations were on its way. Sreejita questioned Nagori’s upbringing and referred her as standardless. One of the other contestants MC Stan interfered when Sreejita pointed to Nagori’s upbringing. MC Stan got angry and pointed out that just because she is from village one would target her. Big Boss demanded nominations and asked Gautam to nominate contestants responsible for the fight. Gautam named MC Stan, Tina Datta, Sreejita De, Gori Nagori. Shalin was already nominated by Bigg Boss after he pushed Archana Gautam.

Sreejita calls Gori Standardless

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