Top 7 Tips To Protect Yourself From An Unprecedented Heatwave In Mumbai

Tips To Protect Yourself from Heatwave
Tips To Protect Yourself from Heatwave

Mumbai is reeling under an unprecedented heatwave. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that the maximum temperature in Mumbai to remain around 40 degrees Celsius over the next two days. The mercury may rise even further in next few days.

In the wake of severe heatwave conditions prevailing in Mumbai its safe stay hydrated and avoid going out in the afternoon. Expert also suggest that people should avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks, and use a hat or an umbrella while working outdoors.

Here are some simple tips to safeguard yourself from severe heat. Have a look –

Tip #1 : Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very much important during summer, drink enough liquid intake and some mineral-rich fruits like watermelon, lemon, kiwi, etc it will help you to get hydrated during the summer. You can also opt for chaach and lassi kind of drinks that will keep you hydrated and energetic.

Heatwaves explained

Tip #2 : Skin precautions

Harmful sun rays affect our skin and cause problems like pigmentation and wrinkles. Try to protect yourself from the unprecedented heatwave by using a sunscreen lotion having PF 35 for your skin. In the hotter season, the moisture in your skin starts losing up, which leads to dry skin problems. To cure this problem put on some nice sunscreen, it will protect your skin from tanning.

Tip #3 : Avoid high salt intake

Heavy sweating during summer replaces the salt and minerals from our bodies. Due to this, we might fall ill during summers. You will face the problem of dehydration in our bodies. Taking a healthy nutritious diet in summers like a salad of fresh fruits and vegetables is highly recommended for diet lovers. You can also add cucumber and watermelon to your daily diet.

Tip #4 : Opt for light and comfortable clothing

Wear loose lightweight clothes to feel relaxed at work. It also provides you the comfort from harsh summers. Also, avoid bright colours, as they will absorb the sun’s heat and make your feel more sweltering during summers. Try and wear white clothes as much as possible as they do not absorb heat.

Mumbaikars are fighting out the heatwave in their own way

Tip #5 : Keep your surroundings cool

Stay cool in air-conditioned houses or buildings. Put some shades, curtains to keep out the sun. Try to minimise outdoor activity, especially during summers. Chill yourself with a number of cool showers to lower your body temperature. Go for swimming if possible as it will bring down your inner temperature, burn the calories and keep you fit.

Tip #6 : Stay Updated

Stay updated with current information related to heat warnings and safety tips. Limit yourself from public gatherings, carry first aid items for heat-related illnesses like dehydration and heatstroke.

Tip #7 : Schedule your workout only in the morning or evening

Summer is the time when you can change your timetable when the heatwave hits. Try to schedule your exercise either in the morning or the evening. It will enhance your metabolism, improve the energy level and hormones like endorphins will set the happy mood that will need for the entire day.