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Girlfriend Slapped Mika Singh after catching him cheating with other girls


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Mika Singh revealed in a new episode of Swayamvar that his ex-girlfriend slapped him after she caught him cheating on her with other girls.

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Mika loves to be in the news always for one thing or the other. Who doesn’t remember the famous Mika’s kiss of Rakhi Sawant on his birthday leaving everyone shocked? Even the videos had gone viral after Rakhi accused him. The incident led to the creation of the Meet Bros song, ‘ Bhai Tune Pappi Kyu Li’. It’s been years now and with the incident in the backdrop, both are friends now. Mika is on a journey to find his bride on a reality show that goes by the title, Mika Di Vohti. It was revealed on one of the episodes that girlfriend slapped Mika Singh. She had caught him cheating on her with other girls.

Girlfriend slapped Mika
Girlfriend slapped Mika

He admitted the fact that he was a flirt during those times. During the Swayamvar episode it was revealed that the Girlfriend slapped Mika Singh after catching him cheating. In a new episode, the singer recalled being slapped by his ex-girlfriend after she caught him cheating on her with other girls. He admitted to the fact that he used to be a flirt back then. Here is the incident of Mika Singh Rakhi Sawant’s infamous kiss.

Rakhi Sawant’s infamous Kiss

Mika opens on his ex-girlfriend slap. Girlfriend Slapped Mika Singh

During the Swayamvar, Mika opened on her infidelity with his ex-girlfriends. Also, he revealed that he faced their backlash also. One of his girlfriends slapped him on finding his betrayal. Talking about her he said, “She was very beautiful and I was smitten. So much that I promised her house, even thought of kids’ names – Sunny, Bunny. I was crazy about her. Back then, I was a flirt; and would speak to other girls on phone and used to hide it from her by saving these girls’ numbers as ‘Rakesh’ and ‘Rajesh’,” Mika narrated the incident.

Girlfriend Slapped Mika Singh on catching him red-handed cheating on her

Mika recalled the day of the infamous episode. During one of the days of her visit, Rakesh kept calling him. He revealed further, “She sternly asked me to take the call, and as soon as I picked it up, she gave me a tight slap. For the first time I got slapped and I then understood what a girlfriend means. She also threatened me that this is just the beginning. I became very loyal after that and would be scared of her. I was scared that if she could slap me in private, she can also do it publicly,” he added. Subsequently, the girl would ask him about his travel and stay details. She would then call the hotel number and made him scream,” I Love You” to ensure that no girl was around him.”

Raveena is expected to help him chose his life partner

Raveena is expected to appear as a celebrity guest on the show. She would help Mika select a girl to settle with. For the uninformed, Mika had expressed a desire that he wants to have a girl like Raveena as his life partner or Vohti.

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