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Viewers Slammed Big Boss Biased Behaviour Towards Nimrit Kaur


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Recently Big Boss declared that any contestant taking over the captaincy from Nimrit shall reach the finale. However, the viewers have accused the Big Boss of meting biased treatment to other contestants.

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Recently Priyanka Chahar and Tina had asked for the removal of Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as the captain. However, another contestant Sumbul Toqueer came in support of her. Big Boss coming episode shall witness the Big Boss assign task to the contestants. Also, he reveals if any contestant completes the task and takes over the captaincy from Nimrit will reach the finale. However, if not, than Nimrit might become the first finalist. For the unversed, Nimrit was also the first contestant to enter the house as well. However, looking at the entire setup, the audience are assured that the entire show reflects favoritism. Viewers slammed Big Boss for its in differential behaviour.

There has been a constant debate over Nimrit Kaur’s captaincy and the same was bought up with Priyanka and Tina Dutta

Blamed of biased task assignments, viewers slammed Big Boss

Big Boss is one of the Television shows that enjoys popular ratings. However, lately it had come under scanner for showing favouritism to contestant Nimrit Kaur. Viewers slammed Big Boss for the biased behaviour. They accused him of assigning tasks that favours Nimrit.

Nimrit Kaur Priyanka Chahar
Nimrit Kaur Priyanka Chahar

Also, they are sure that her group shall do what is needed to ensure that Nimrit remains the Captain and hence that will automatically make her reach the finale. All this drama led to Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s following punchline.

” Nimrit akeli kabhi na kheli”.

Priyanka Choudhary commented about Nimrit

Nimrit Kaur criticized for seeking advantage of Big Boss Biased Behaviour

Coming episode shall show Nimrit Kaur captaincy being challenged. However, viewers slammed Big Boss for the partial behaviour towards the contestant. One of the user even referred to Big Boss action as advantage-seeking.

” Bigg Boss Khel Gaye bhaiya nimrit ko finale mein le jaane ke liye Big Boss ne yah Patra apnaya kyunki agla number usi Ka tha”. Another user lashed out at the makers and said,” Yaha Bigg Boss phir mandli ki side lete hue bb kbhi toh individual khelne do kbhi toh reality sbke samne aane do jb bb khud hi Baised ho rhe h toh mandali ko koi kya hi bole”. One more user said, ” Pta nhi is nimrit main Esa kya dikh raha hai ki isko itna spot kr rhe h , Archana ne ghatiya bola to vo buri or nimrit ne bola in kutto ki vaat lagate hai ab wah I hate nimrit diamag hi nhi h usme salmaan sir plz fare raho”.

User comment on Big Boss action

Big Boss contestant is facing the wrath of the viewers because of the partiality. Most viewers have a feeling that Big Boss has already made Nimrit the captain. How would you rate Big Boss’s behaviour? Will Priyanka manage to reach finale amidst all this? Let us know your thoughts.

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