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Janmashtami 2022: Stars Who Enacted Krishna On Small Or Big Screen


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Here are 5 stars who Stars Who Enacted Krishna in Television Serials or Movies. These stars rose to prominence with their role as Lord Krishna.

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Today is Lord Krishna’s Birthday, and the entire country is celebrating Maakhan Chor’s ( Butter Stealer, Krishna’s loving name) Birthday. For the followers of Hindus, this festival holds prime significance. According to the planets movements, this year Janmashtami falls on August 18 and 19. Lord Krishna and his teachings are spread the world over. His words of advise to Arjuna who was in a state of confusion before Mahabharata form the foundation of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Bhagavad Gita is a holy scripture of the Hindus. Hindus all over the world immerse in the festivities. Many a movies are made on Mahabharata and Lord Krishna. Although every character is special, Lord Krishna’s demands prowess, finesse and believability. Krishna, Rama and Shiva are reverent in hindu mythology. As a charioteer and guide of Arjuna Krishna paved the path for Pandavas glory. Although there were many actors who played Krishna Roles, there were some stars who achieved fame for their portrayal of Lord Krishna. Here are 5 Bollywood Stars Who Enacted Krishna on Television or Movies. These celebrities immortalized the role of Krishna .

Stars Who Enacted Krishna on Television or Movies

These Bollywood celebrities have acted the role to an extent of making it believable. Both Nitish Bharadwaj’s conviction and unparalleled face expressions, or Sarvadaman’s composure, they lasted a life long impression. Let us delve into the celebrities who enacted Krishna’s role.

Sarvadaman D Banerjee

Sarvadaman is popularly referred to as original Krishna of the Television. He shot into popularity with the depiction of the Lord’s character in Ramanand Sagar’s series Krishna. The character became a household name and people glued to the Television screens with their hands folded in prayers. Actor has also played an important role in the 1983 National Award Winning Film Adi Shankaracharya.

Sarvadaman acted as Krishna. Actor played Krishna in Ramanand Sagar’s Krishna

Nitish Bharadwaj

Nitish Bharadwaj is among the popular celebrities who enacted Krishna. The conviction with which he played the role of Krishna is still to be matched. Not only did Nitish assayed the role of Krishna in Mahabharat, but also went on to do many other epics. Some of his other works include Chopra’s Vishnu Puran and other series. Nitish is a veterinarian (veterinary surgeon) graduate from Mumbai Veterinary college and former Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha. His debut directorial Marathi film Pitruroon has received rave reviews from audience and critics alike. In true sense if there was one character that portrayed Krishna best it was Nitish Bhardwaj. Here is a casual chat between the characters that played Rama and Krishna in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Whenever a talk of the names of celebrities who enacted Krishna would come, his name would be amongst the best.

Nitish and Arun Govil in TV Ke Bhagwan

Saurabh Raj Jain

It would be a sin not to mention the name of Saurabh Jain who made the character looked so lively, vibrant and interesting. Actor became a household name after the show. Having a massive fan following, he is just one of the very few actors who broke free from the stereotype of just acting Mythological characters. Contrary to other actors who failed to break free, he became a part of the family dramas. Besides Krishna, he played Vishnu and Mahadev on TV, and Lord Balaji in a Telugu movie with Nagarjuna. Actor has mentioned many a times that the role of Krishna was life changing for him.

Saurabh Raj Jain in and as Krishna

Sumedh Mudgalkar

Audience hailed the portrayal of Sumedh as Krishna. The actor gained immense popularity for his portrayal of the character. What made him famous was his mischievous persona and body language. Audience related with the character and it led to him becoming a household Indian name. Besides, he won the Gold Award as Best Actor Debut for depicting Krishna. Star Bharat’s RadhaKrishan catapulted Sumedh’s career in which he played Krishna. He aced the role in the Radha Krishan love story and the conviction with which he proved why the two did not end up togetheer.

Vishal Karwal

Besides essaying the role of Krishna, he has acted in other shows. Some of the shows that he is a part of are MTV Roadies and MTV Splitsvilla. The reason Vishal’s name features in Celebrities who enacted Krishna is because he played Krishna in not one but 3 serials. He played role of Lord Krishna in Dwarkadeesh-Bhagwaan Shri Krishn, Naagarjuna-Ek Yodha and Parmavtar Shri Krishn.

Vishal Karwal as Krishna

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