Friday, June 9, 2023

Debina Bonnerjee’s Second Pregnacy News Surprises Her Fans


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Actress has a perfect response to Instagram user who said she should have ‘waited’ for second baby. She and husband Gurmeet Choudhary welcomed their baby daughter Lianna in April earlier this year. They announced Debina Bonnerjee’s Second Pregnacy news just after 4 months.

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Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are set to become parents again. Couple announced the news on the social handle. Although the news is a happy occasion for many, there were others who questioned it. Actually the apprehension came as Debina gave birth to Lianna just four months back. in April. Without saying Debina Bonnerjee’s Second Pregnacy news surprised. Actress had earlier taken to social media to announce the revealing of her daughter’s face online.

Lianna’s face revealed

Most fans poured their love and congratulated the couple. They shared their joy on the social media. But there were many who raised questions on rushing for the baby too soon. Now Debina took to social media to answer these questions . Couple got married in 2011.

Fans mixed response on Debina Bonnerjee’s Second pregnancy announcement. Couple call it blessing.

After Debina Bonnerjee’s Second Pregnacy news went on air, the actress took to internet and to announce the happy news. Sharing a and Lianna along with her sonography report, she wrote “Few decisions are divinely timed and nothing can change that. This is one such blessing Coming soon to complete us..#babyno2 #mommieagain #ontheway #pregnancydiaries #daddyagain #gurmeetchoudhary #debinabonnerjee (sic).”

Fans question Debina Bonnerjee’s Second Pregnacy News after it became viral

Some of the couple fans questioned the couple decision to go for the child again. The actress also posted a session of ‘ Ask Me Anything’ on social media. Fans posted questions relating to pregnancy and parenthood. However a question that cause everyone’s attention was from a user who asked her why she went too soon. He wrote, “I mean you should give time to Liana little before the second child that’s my opinion, btw congratulations (sic).” She replied, “Am also asking. What do people do when they have twins (sic)?” Another Instagram user asked, “Ma’am as in your first preg you face a lot of problems don’t you think you should wait for at least one year for the second baby (sic)??” Debina asked, “What is your suggestion in such a situation I call miracle? ABORT (sic)?” She shared adorable moments with daughter.

Debina and Gurmeet’s post adorable family moments on Social Media

Debina and Gurmeet have posted some adorable pictures of their family online. Fans have showered them with immense love.

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