Top 6 Yummy India Breakfast Recipes For Your Kids


A healthy breakfast for your kids is important to kick-start your child’s day.. It is also important for the brain development and academic performance of a kid.

A healthy breakfast is important to kick-start your child’s day. It is also important for the brain development and academic performance of a kid.

Kids who eat breakfast tend to make healthier choices when it comes to food in general and has more energy to burn, making them more likely to take part in different activities. Those who do not eat breakfast tend to become hungry by mid-morning and as a result, snack or overeat. This leads to weight issues. So, breakfast essentially helps keep your child’s weight in check.

Idlis with sambar or just plain phulkas with curd may be boring for kids. So, adding a simple twist to the traditional Indian breakfast recipes will not only be flavorful but also visually appealing to your kids.

Here is a list of 5 yummy and healthy Indian breakfast recipes for your kids to relish. Keep scrolling! 

1. Oats Idly

Place a bowl of gooey oatmeal in front of the kid and you will get an “eww” or “yuck” in return! When kids don’t like oatmeal, you give them oats idly, a healthy and tasty (slightly modified) vegetarian dish from the South.

Being low in calories, it is an ideal choice for calorie-conscious. Oats are rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and, fiber, which adds to their nutritive value without compromising on their deliciousness.

2. Bread Upma

When you think of bread, you only think of sandwiches or toast. But when you think Indian, you think of bread up! It’s a good way of using leftover bread and makes a good substitute for Rava upma.

3. Vegetable Masala Dosa

Dosas are delicious Indian pancakes, only that they are not sweet. Like idlis, you eat the dosas with chutneys or potato curry. This masala dosa recipe tells you how you can bring the goodness of veggies to the breakfast table. You can add to the nutritive value of this recipe by substituting potato with paneer, carrots capsicums, etc.

4. Rawa Dosa

Rawa dosa is an instant Indian breakfast recipe, which means it is not fermented and you can whip up the batter with just a handful of ingredients and make the dosa in less than an hour! This is another irresistible option for your kid since it’s tasty, crispy and, crunchy.

5. Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed Paratha

Getting your child to eat the veggies with roti (Indian bread) can be a challenging task! So in comes the paratha. Stuffed paratha is an Indian veg breakfast recipe, which is bread and vegetables rolled into one! You can stuff the paratha with potatoes, cauliflower, leafy vegetables, beetroot, and carrots.

6. Broken Wheat, Oats, and Apple Porridge

Oatmeal by itself is not very appealing. So make a sweet porridge out of it by adding broken wheat (Dalia) and fruit. We chose apples, but you can add bananas, berries, and raisins as well if your kid likes them. This recipe is a combo of two power-packed bowls of cereal, prepared as a delicious meal. Kids will love its creamy and fruity flavor.

Admit it! Just reading these recipes is making your mouth water! So why delay? Try these easy and tasty Indian breakfast recipes. We know that your kids will love them! Some of these recipes can also be altered to suit your tastes.