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Sangita Ghosh Hid Pregnancy, Reveals She Is A Mother


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Television actress, Sangita Ghosh was blessed with a baby girl on December 25, 2021, and now in an interview, she opened up about the same for the first time!

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Sangita Ghosh became popular from her Television show ‘Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand’. The Television actress entered people’s hearts when she played the role of Pammi in the serial.Since then the popular actress has acted in many leading shows like Kehta Hai Dil Zara . Her power-packed performances has made her a household name of the Television. Recently the news came that the actress is a mother of a daughter. So why did Sangita Ghiosh Hid Pregnancy? Actress recently opened up in an interview.

Sangita Ghosh Daughter
Sangita Ghosh Daughter

Why did Sangita Ghosh hid pregnancy even after giving birth? Actress spills the beans

She tied the knot with Entrepreneur, Ravi Shailender Singh while shooting for a serial in Jaipur. Although Shailender fell in love at that time, Sangita was busy with her work. However they both met each day and shared numbers. It was not long that they shared numbers as she left for Mumbai. Recently the actress revealed that she came a mother. But why did Sangita Ghiosh Hid Pregnancy? The actress revealed the reason why she hid the birth of her baby girl born in December. Furthermore she added that the baby was born premature, and had certain complications during birth for 2-3 weeks. SShe and her husband together had decided not to talk till the time was right.

Actress Sangita Ghiosh Hid Pregnancy as daughter born prematurely

In an interview the Television actress Sangita Ghosh revealed that she had a 7 month old daughter who was born in November. The actress opened up why she hid her pregnancy for that long. She also added that being a mother is a surreal experience which still has to sink in. Sharing the fact that her daughter is just her husband’s copy. In the interview she revealed her feelings of how she felt leaving the baby at home when she goes to work.

Shilpa and Shailendra
Shilpa and Shailendra

However she added that her baby often visits her often. Many know that the actress had suffered miscarriage in 2015, which was shocking. Since then she became busy with her serial Parvarish to take her mind away. During the Pandemic, her husband again discussed the topic and this is how Devi, their daughter came in their lives. Sangita Ghiosh Hid Pregnancy because she had earlier suffered miscarriage and secondly she couldn’t come to terms with it. She is currently acting in Swaran Ghar.

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