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Sumbul Called BB16 Biased: Film and TV actress accuses show of Favoritism


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Bigg Boss 16 updates revealed that Sajid Khan upset Big Boss. However, many were taken by surprise as Sumbul received punishment. She did not appreciate and called the show biased.

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Popular show Big Boss 16 airs on Colors TV, Monday to Friday at 10 pm, and 9.30 pm on the weekends. Ever since the show started, it got engulfed in controversy. The controversy started due to the presence of Sajid Khan, the producer who was accused of Molestation earlier. Now the episode showed Sajid Khan divided the house duties through the use of lottery system. Although it upsetted the Bigg Boss, Sumbul Touqeer came under the line of fire and received thrashing for her mistakes. Sumbul called BB16 biased when Big Boss asked Sajid Khan to move her luggage to the room, where common contestants, like Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot, were living.

Sajid Khan aims for role reversal as captain as Sumbul called BB16 biased

The controversial contestant Sajid Khan said he shall aim for complete role reversal as the house captain. In a clip shown, Sajid Khan is seen making chits and assigned the various duties to each contestant. These included cleaning utensils, cooking, etc. However, the method made Big Boss greatly and asked Sajid if he would use the same method in the event of movie making. Sajid just got away with a warning and Big Boss penalized Sumbul for offering him the chits. It did not go well with many fans as they tagged the show as biased.

However, fans didn’t like Bigg Boss punishing Sumbul and tagged the show, as ‘biased’. “I never watched Bigg Boss, thankfully. This year I am tolerating the show only for Sumbul, my doll. And now I can’t imagine to what extent this disgusting show is biased. Like seriously???” wrote a user.

Another one wrote, “Big Boss is been very biased… every time only 5-6 people are given preference…”

Sharing the promo on Instagram, the channel wrote, “Captain ki galti padhi Sumbul par bhaari (Sumbul will face the consequences of the captain’s mistake).”

‘Bigg Boss 16’ airs on Colors TV at 10 pm from Monday to Friday, and at 9.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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