Friday, December 8, 2023

Britney’s Ex attempted gatecrashing her wedding


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Spears ex-husband Jason Alexander gatecrashed Britney Spears and Sam Aghari wedding at her luxury pad near Los Angeles

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Pop princess Britney Spears’ got married to her partner Sam Asghari at her luxury pad in Los Angeles California. The wedding was filled with drama as Britney’s ex gatecrashed. The drama started when Spears and her partner were reported getting ready for the function on Thursday. wedding. Britney’s ex attempted gatecrashing her wedding. Jason Alexander also live-streamed the act on Instagram. He told one of the security guards that he was invited.

Ex Husband gatecrashed video

Britney’s ex attempted gatecrashing her wedding, Police arrests him

On entering Britney Ex live-streamed the gatecrashing event telling one of the guards about being invited. He even asked the guards “Where’s Britney? After he walked into a pink tent with flowers and comments about the event “So here’s the inside scoop, guys, on the bullshit wedding.” Jason Britney’s ex attempted gatecrashing but was stopped outside. Later the police arrested him after they found that he had an earlier warrant against him from another jurisdiction. Britney Spears has been giving updates about her life on social media and Twitter. The singer was in conservatorship and was recently released.

Britney Spears suffers miscarriage
Britney Spears suffers miscarriage seen here with Sam Aghari

Britney also reported about miscarriage

In May, Britney and her partner Sam reported the miscarriage. In a joint statement, the couple said they had lost the miracle baby.

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