Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume Is Simply Out Of The Box


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German American Supermodel Heidi Klum dressed up as a rainworm for Halloween. Her costume not only became viral but amused the netizens.

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Halloween is one of the popular festivals of the west. Both Christians and Non- Christians celebrate the festival. Innovative ideas come on full display as celebrities attend parties. Some of the common costumes include Witches, War Heroes, Cartoon Characters or even Superheroes. Although, the festival is mainly of the west, but the influence has slowly seeped in Bollywood too. A couple of days ago, Orhan Awatramani threw a Halloween party which the young Bollywood Star brigade attended. Ananya Panday, Aryan Khan and Sara Ali Khan attended the bash. Hollywood stars are known to put up a creative display of costumes. However, this time Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume stole the show. Heidi dressed as rainworm. It was creativity at a whole different level as the costume looked real and authentic.

Amidst all the celebrities, Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume stood out

Dressed up as a ringworm resembling so close to one, Heidi had this to say when someone asked her about the weird costume at her 21st Annual Halloween party.

Here is a glimpse of Heidi’s Ringworm Avatar

Heidi Klum’s Costume

“I don’t know… I wanted to be something random. I wanted to think outside the box. I thought rainworm would be kind of fun. We all love worms. I don’t think I have seen anyone being a rainworm before.”

Heidi Klum on her Choice for the Weird Costume

Heidi Klum dresses up as a rainworm for Halloween

For this Halloween, celebrities went all out in terms of costume ideas. We saw Kim Kardashian as Mystique, Lizzo as Marge Simpson, Paris Hilton as Sailor Moon, and the new Twitter owner Elon Musk as a samurai in a $7,500 leather suit. Earlier Heidi dressed as Extraterrestial.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

However, nothing topped the costume of German American model Heidi Klum. She dressed up as a rainworm. That’s right, a rainworm! The fascinating thing about the costume is how real and authentic it looked.

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