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MAN vs BEE Review: Rowan Atinkson Netflix’s comedy depicts the technology conflicts


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MAN vs BEE is comical take on the increased influence of gadgets in our lives. We sometimes forget the value of simple living.

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I don’t think there would be any man who made people laugh with just expressions as Mr Bean. Furthermore, there is hardly a music lover who has not been captivated by his performance. Time and again his stone expressions while doing the most comical scenes make one wonder. Not many people know his real name, but he is known as Rowan Atkinson. He is in the news for his show MAN vs BEE. Man Vs Bee Review gets a rating of 4 and above and is riding on Atinkson’s shoulders.

Man Vs Bee
Man Vs Bee

Netflix cashes on Mr Bean’s Aura, introduces new web series

Mr Bean has entertained the audience for ages and still continues to reign supreme. Netflix decided to put their bet on a 67 year old guy buzzing with talent and energy. There is no doubt that the star has immense hidden crass about his craft. Therefore Netflix has decided to come up with a web series completely in a new class. Unlike other web series, here each episode except the first runs for 10 minutes. The first episode runs for 20 minutes. Imagine taking the show forward single-handedly depends on his prowess. The only other characters are a bee and a dog. Man Vs Bee is a hilarious take on the various equipment’s that become a part and parcel of life. Although some of the scenes are familiar such as that of painting repair.

MAN vs BEE, a hilarious attempt of how gadgets have entered our homes.

Atinkson’s movie shows how modern gadgets are becoming a part of our daily lives. Rather than becoming easy, it is becoming complex. Confusion sets in as the Burglar alarm goes off repeatedly on forgetting password or a gesture controlled faucet which could have beaten the SH*T out of you.

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