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Case toh Banta Hai trailer Out, gets the fans excited


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The fans got excited as the trailer of Case Toh Banta hai got released yesterday. Ritesh Deshmukh and Varun Sharma led the show as they grill famous celebrities.

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Amazon miniTV courtroom comedy ,’ Case Toh Banta Hai’ trailor out and the netizens just simply could not stop praising. Hosting the show are Riteish Deshmukh, Varun Sharma and Kusha Kapila as the main cast, and the guests include Kareena Kapoor, Karan Johar, and Rohit Shetty to name a few. In a hilarious set of events the cast of the show hurl humorous allegations on the celebrities as they defend themselves from the strange accusations on them.

case Toh Banta Hai
case Toh Banta Hai

Audience would be in splits as the hosts get involved into light-roasting these stars. The trailer showed Ritesh Deshmukh and Varun Sharma as lawyers as they fight allegations against the movie celebrities.

‘Case Toh Banta Hai’ Trailor Out , show a mixture of Aap Ki Adalat and Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Show

In the comedy show, Ritesh features as ‘Janta’s Lawyer (Public Prosecutor), while actor Varun Sharma defends the celebrities as ‘Bollywood insaaf specialist (Bollywood justice specialist).’ Kushla Kapila is the tough judge who shall decide whether the celebrities are guilty or non guilty.’ Case Toh Banta Hai trailer has a glimpse of ‘Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat’ where the host Rajat grills celebrities from Cinema, Political or sports fields. Also it has elements of ‘ The Kapil Sharma Comedy Show.’ Fans are already thrilled and are eagerly awaiting the show. As Ritesh opens his monologue dedicated to Law, “Kanoon Se Upar Koi Nahi Hota” , which means (There is no one above law), it moves forward. It adds hilarious tone as the celebrities answer Ritesh Allegations. Here is a glimpse of the trailer.

Case Toh Banta Hai Trailor out , iy includes hilarious confessions and Trolls

One thing is for sure Amazon MiniTV’ series is a bundle of laughter and Giggles. As Karan Johar, Sara Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor , Rohit Shetty, Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, and Badshah take the witness box, Riteish Deshmukh as lawyer promised the viewers justice. Both Anil and Ritesh troll the judge make fun of judge Kusha for her being a social media influencer.

Also Rohit Shetty revealed the stunts in his next movie, Kareena had confessions and lawyers asked varun why he invited only 50 guests. Case toh Banta hai shall stream on Amazon miniTV beginning July 29. Besides the above, it features Gopal Dutt, Paritosh Tripathi, Monica Murthy, Sanket Bhosle, Sugandha Mishra, and Siddharth Sagar, as witnesses.

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