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Healthcare needs transformation, Do Doctors Really Care?


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Amidst increasing diseases and Health concerns, patients concerns are increasing too. With less time on patients and more on prescriptions , healthcare needs transformation.

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Research has led to the improvement of medical sciences massively. Consequently better facilities and patient care all massively improved. With improved facilities it was expected that the patient’s satisfaction also increased proportionally. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and it has shown a reverse trend. The growing concerns show that healthcare needs transformation. All the concerns arising make one wonder about do doctors really care. With the increased medical facilities, the cost of the medications has increased. In one of the episodes, the host Amir discusses the grave concern of this issue of generic vs branded medicines that the doctors prescribe. A decade ago star plus aired a show that Amir Khan hosted. In no time the show became popular for it showed the problems that a common man faces in free India. Here is a clip from one of the episodes of Satyamev Jayate showing how a doctor writes prescription.

Doctor explaining about the problems of Healthcare

With Hospitals turning into Business Centers, Healthcare needs transformation

Amidst growing Covid times, hospitals are nothing less than danger zones. On top of that the increasing health cost adds to a scary scenario. A simple visit to a doctor can cause the patient to shell out thousands of rupees on tests and procedures. Although doctors can contest that these are required at the end of the day, it is not so. Not only it is stressful on the patient, but the doctor’s not explaining the cause of the problem can lead to stressful experience. Most of the doctors hardly share their numbers in case of emergency or don’t pick up. The irony of the situation is that we have considered the uncaring behaviour in healthcare as acceptable. There are very medical professionals who say, ‘We care.’

Compassionate Grooming of Doctors, Healthcare needs transformation

There are no two ways that doctors nowadays have materialistic objectives. More money-minded they burden the patients with extra costs. Many of them suffer and pay the consequences. A human touch in the medical profession is needed. Here are some ways we can make a turn around.

  1. Low cost or Subsidized Insurance for all
  2. Affordable medical cost
  3. Adequate training for doctors to be compassionate
  4. Shift doctor’s admin workload to others so they concentrate on compassion element
  5. Hospitals should provide training for free or low cost alternative therapies

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