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Is monkeypox a pandemic like Covid 19? Know More


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It is the latest worldwide common health risk to make heading. Maximum people who come in contact of monkeypox infection experience influenza indications. They also feel a blain recklessness that lasts for two to four weeks. A few proportion of contaminated people grow blood positioning or other serious deadly complications.

The small outbreaks of monkeypox in Central and West Africa is very common. In the last few weeks, dozens of countries have reported multiple cases. Till mid July 2022, both the conditions for was not seen. Fundamentally, the chances of becoming pandemic is remote as per the present proof.

Monkeypox is an Outbreak

The next condition to meet the pandemic threshold is whether places where monkeypox is present are experiencing epidemics.

Europe and the USA typically have zero cases of monkeypox per year. Unfortunately, the current case count in these regions are becoming higher than normal.

But it is also important to look at how much community transmission is happening. If hundreds of people get sick after attending a single event that would typically be classified as an outbreak. However, the situation would become an epidemic. For instance, infections start occurring to those who were not in close contacts of event attendees. Once widespread and sustained community transmission begins occurring, it is much harder to control a virus.

It is treatable or not?

It is alike to smallpox, shivering, tenderness, and weakness and major to rash or scratch on skin.

Treatments for it in addition to vaccines are obtainable for high risk group.

There are no treatments specifically for this virus infections. However, monkeypox and smallpox viruses are genetically similar. This means that antiviral drugs and vaccines used against smallpox may be used to control this virus infections.

monkey pox a pandemic like Covid 19
monkey pox a pandemic like Covid 19

Monkeypox become a pandemic

The WHO has announced neither a worldwide pandemic nor a general health crisis     

However, the WHO’s crisis assembly meeting on this pox will decide how universal health officials reacts to the pox outbreak so far.

The WHO has announced six public health crisis along with COVID-19.

Although it does not explain, as easily as COVID-19, the elevated risks. Irrespective of where you live, you may wish to take safety measures to protect yourself. However, the risk remains low, as of today.

Afterward monkeypox was disregard in African countries for some days, it’s time to boost recognition about this infection and take it thoughtfully but the common public should not be afraid. We should be attentive and protect communities with relevant vaccines, it’s still challenging to contract monkeypox.  

Dr. Gandhi

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