Myths And Facts Of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy Myths And Facts
Homoeopathy Myths And Facts

There are many myths about homeopathic medicines, about which we will tell you the truth and help you bust all the myths about homeopathy. 

Myth #1

It is slow-acting. Turn to Homeopathy only when other systems of medicine fail to treat or cure.


Treatment depends on the disease and it can treat as fast as within a few minutes also.

Myth #2

Allopathic medicines and Homeopathic medicines cannot be taken together.


Evidence shows that chronic diseases like Diabetes, when treated with a combination of Homeopathy and Allopathy, work better.

Myth #3

It has steroids.


No, it does not have steroids. Homeopathy can treat children, adults, animals, old age patients, without any side-effects and can be given in combination with Allopathic medicines or with any other -pathy.

Myth #4

It is a placebo and does psychological treatment.


It is evidence-based medicine. It not only treats the disease but also cures the symptoms that were suppressed in the past by other treatment modalities such as eczema, psoriasis or other skin disorders.Homeopathy is a natural, effective and proved science after using scientific methods by extracting medicinal properties from natural substances.